Pre-Order Bonus?

WreckedWrecked Unsigned
Hi all,

I was on the main menu with my electronic drumset plugged in. I was drumming along to the song in the background waiting for the song I bought to finish downloading. All of a sudden a message popped up and said:

"YOU WON SOME NEW STUFF! Thanks for pre-ordering! Here's an award for being so awesome: STOP GUITAR!"

The only reason I'm asking about it is 1) I haven't pre-ordered anything. 2) I bought this off of the Xbox Marketplace close to a year ago.

Has anybody else had this happen, or know what might have caused it?

EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out. I guess I hit a certain combination of pads and unlocked a bonus you got for pre-ordering the game. Sorry for wasting a thread. Lol.


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