Server Maintenance on RB2, RB3, & Blitz Through 5/8

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Hey gang,

Our LiveOps team is doing some routine server maintenance on all of our titles this week which will result in some temporary downtime for some services in some games on some platforms. It'll make sense in a second, honest. Read on!

We'll be taking the following servers offline temporarily, with service expected to resume by end of day on 5/8:

* RB3 on Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii
* RB2 on Xbox 360 and PS3
* RB Blitz on Xbox 360 and PS3

And here are the services expected to be affected during that 2 day window:

* Leaderboards
* Online Multiplayer
* In game store access (purchases, previews, etc)
* Facebook services

So if you have trouble connecting with other players or if you're unable to buy DLC in game, the above should explain why. Sit tight and everything should be back up and running shortly. We've tried to schedule this maintenance during the middle of the week when online activity as at a minimum so there's as little interruption as possible.

Keep posted for more info and we'll update if we find other services are expected, or if things resolve any sooner (or potentially later) than expected. Thanks for your patience and understanding!


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    We've been told that the RB Blitz servers (on both Xbox 360 and PS3) have been back online as of 9pm last night.

    RB2 and RB3 works is being conducted now and should hopefully be resolved by end of day today. RB World will be down temporarily while RB3 work is being done, but should be restored around the same time. Thanks for your continued patience!
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    As of yesterday morning LiveOps confirmed that all servers are back up and running as intended! Thanks for your patience.
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