Official HMX welcome/goodbye thread (was: No official welcome/goodbye thread...?)

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So they announced on Monday's stream that HMXLachesis was moving away from the Rock Band Network, and the new liaison will be HMXHenry. While there is a thread on Creators about this, I'm kinda surprised we don't have one here (unless I missed a spot check, which is entirely possible).

So let's say it right here: Thank you, Lach, for helping make the RBN into the awesomeness that it is now, and best of luck on future endeavors/projects!

Also, hi Aaron. :-D


  • ClaptonsWigClaptonsWig I Can't Dance
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    I think the one in the RBN would suffice as one
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
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    I think one in the official RB forums would be nice, since a lot of people out here don't have access to Creators.
  • HMXLachesisHMXLachesis Harmonix Alum
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    My first response here was a bit flippant and I realize that it didn't say what I wanted it to say. So I've deleted it and I'm trying again.

    It's been my privilege and honor to support the Rock Band Network for almost four years now. User generated content in Rock Band is possible due to a whole lot of development at Harmonix... but it's the community that makes it real. I'm proud that we made user generated content possible, but I'm thrilled by what you've all done with it. Since we're no longer publishing DLC at Harmonix, I'm incredibly glad that the RBN has both a strong, vibrant authoring community that will carry on the torch and an enthusiastic, supportive player community that will welcome new artists to the Rock Band catalog.

    But almost four years is a long time, and it's time for me to move on. As a result, HMXHenry will be taking over the RBN liason role at Harmonix. He's frequently found all over the forums (including this one), and I imagine you've all encountered him at at some point - he's also active on the podcast, the livestream, and Twitter, as well as being a key part of our presence at E3, PAX, PAX East, Comicon, Gamescom, etc, etc.

    Henry's downtime has been complicated due to the recent downtime, so he's still ramping up. Please be extra-detailed when you're reporting problems. (I'm hoping you'll form a secret cabal to make his life easier.) (If you do, keep it secret, and I'll tell him you're JUST THAT HELPFUL.)

    I'll still be around here sometimes, of course. You can't get rid of me that easily! But I know you'll be in good hands with him, and I'm confident in handing off the baton.
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    Gonna miss you...
    That my 2 cents, mee lady :(
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    HMXLachesis;5013617 said:
    (I'm hoping you'll form a secret cabal to make his life easier.) (If you do, keep it secret, and I'll tell him you're JUST THAT HELPFUL.)


    Seriously though, HMXLachesis has been a pillar of the RBN community and its biggest champion here at HMX. She's been involved longer than anyone else and has, in one way or another, been a part of literally every track released through RBN.

    Those are mighty big shoes to fill and I am starting all the way from scratch so thanks in advance for your patience.
  • solidsnakejtsolidsnakejt Road Warrior
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    I'm sure you'll do great Henry, and we will all miss you Lachesis...even though you'll still come here once in a while at lease XD

    p.s. I just found out you were a never too late i guess :P
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    We'll miss you Lachesis! Good luck on your future endeavors!

    Good luck filling in those shoes Henry.
  • SideshowNSideshowN Rising Star
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    Sorry to hear you go Lachesis. Thanks for all the great RBN content over the years. Welcome aboard Henry.
  • ClaptonsWigClaptonsWig I Can't Dance
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    Goodbye stranger, its been nice. Hope you find your paradise.
  • TheStuddzTheStuddz Lil Rascal
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    Lachesis, we appreciate everything you've done for us here in The Community. Live long and prosper.

    HMXhenry, welcome to this brave new world. I think we'll have fun together. Oh, just you wait..
  • jibjqrkljibjqrkl Eventually Perceptive
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  • grumblevolcanogrumblevolcano Headliner
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    HMXLachesis, thank you so much for the amazing things you've done over the years with RBN. Good luck with your future plans.

    Good luck HMXHenry.
  • NightmareLyreNightmareLyre Rising Star
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    Thanks for everything Lachesis! Hope you get to go on to do more things you enjoy

    And ohai Henry
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