Foo Fighters Pack 04 2 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

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2 years ago this week we released Foo Fighters Pack 04, including:

• Foo Fighters – “Long Road to Ruin”
• Foo Fighters – “Rope” X
• Foo Fighters – “Stacked Actors”
• Foo Fighters – “Walk”

Given the anniversary and the fact that I've got the codes, I figured it'd be a good time to give a few packs away. The first person to quote a question and provide a correct response will win a 360 code for Foo Fighters Pack 04 sent via DM. Sorry, we don't have any PS3 codes and the Wii doesn't offer content specific promo codes.


1. What is Dave Grohl's birthday?
***ANSWERED - grumblevolcano***

2. What band played at Dave Grohl's first concert?
***ANSWERED - kitlerc and meck77***

3. Grohl dropped out of high school to play drums for which Virginia hardcore band?
***ANSWERED - GrandPappySMAP***

4. The Foo Fighters video for "Big Me" parodies what candy commercials?
***ANSWERED - CJHobbes***

5. On a 2005 co headlining tour with Weezer, how were both bands billed?
***ANSWERED - thatmarkguy***

6. Who produced the Foo Fighters album Wasting Light?
***ANSWERED - MagicMurderBag7***

7. On what date was the 12" vinyl single for "Rope" released?
***ANSWERED - Blasteroids***

8. Foo Fighters impersonated which band at the recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony?
***ANSWERED - Skynyrd45***

9. In 2012, Grohl's hometown of Warren, Ohio built what to honor him?
***ANSWERED - David2380***

10. Find me a link to the classic pic of HMXsean standing right next to Dave Grohl.
***ANSWERED - Mileycyrussoulja***

If people like these kids of giveaways we can plan to continue doing them for future anniversaries. Let me know what you think!


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