what pro guitar is better?

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i have the pro mustang guitar and i have a real electric Jackson guitar(going to be buying the MIDI adapter soon to see if its good, can't trust madcatz to much...).

but would anyone know what would be easier to learn/play pro guitar on? strings or buttons?


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    Use strings if your goal is to learn guitar, also, the frets are smaller than an usual guitar on the mustang. I'm wondering why you're buying an MPA (MIDI Pro Adapter), there's only the official RB guitar, the Fender Squier that works on it, and I heard another MIDI guitar that works too, called You Rock Guitar IIRC. I don't recall someone saying that another than those 2 works.
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    madcatz made one, i thought they were the only ones to make them because Harmonix said that they were taking charge of making the instruments
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    People have made other MIDI guitars work as RB3 pro guitar controllers but it was via some complex arrangement involving running their MIDI output through a PC. Such a set up can't completely emulate an RB3 pro guitar controller because it can't send messages telling the game where your fingers are on the frets, which it uses to draw the position wave at the bottom of the chart. Personally, I'd prefer to use the You Rock Guitar rather than the Mustang, given that it's an actual standalone instrument which can be played aloud through direct connection to an amp or through headphones. It's internal guitar sounds aren't anything to write home about, but they're playable. You can even run another sound source, like an MP3 player, into it and play along with it through an amp or headphones. It's a 22 fret instrument with 25.5" scale, though the body is very small. If you can find a new one of the original model (they're into the 2nd generation now) it'd probably be pretty cheap but in a quick search I didn't find any.

    If you do use a Mustang and you're trying to learn to play for real it's important that you get a real guitar to practice the things that you learn on. The game will accept bad technique which will sound like crap if applied to playing a real guitar aloud (inadvertently muting strings on the fretboard, buzzing caused by not holding the string down close enough to the fret, etc). The game's not listening to the sound that you make, just detecting which "strings" you're holding down at which frets and which strings you strum. You might also want to try the games which do listen to the sound that you're making, currently being Rocksmith, at some point to be joined by BandFuse (Amazon says it releases on the 28th, though a recent trailer for the game say Fall 2013).

    BTW, I believe that the Mustang controller has the same scale length as one of the original Mustang models, 22.5" rather than the Strat's standard 25.5"; there were 24" scale Mustangs as well. (Scale length is measured as either the length of the playable string--from the bridge to the nut--or as the length from the nut to the 12th fret times 2).
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    Expert_vocalist, as others have said, the MIDI Pro Adapter will NOT allow you to play a real guitar in RB. What you can do is use your Mustang to have RB display the chart and play along on your real guitar. No score of course but playing for real is its own reward. You'll be limited to 18 frets with the Mustang. You can do the same thing with the MPA to see 22 frets.
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