How many gold star can you get in one day ?

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Well i never asked myself the question but i have an answer for it. ;)

It all began when i bought RB3 when it came out. My wife and i can sing pretty good and the harmonies was something we were looking for. The thing that bothers me was even you compete together to get those scores it always goes to only one player. So we did not dig further in that direction. We did some for the goals for rockband setlist and when we have RB party with guest. BUt not much

Time flies and after the last Rockband parties we got with guest we finally had a shot with harmonies. After that we decide to take it seriously. And today was the day.

We took her player for doing it (because i cannot do back vocals, so without her no HS) and we begin around 10 this morning. We choose about 50 song we knew pretty well and know that harmonies part where fun to sings.

Things went pretty fast, and at the end of the day we golded 26 songs !!! :cool:

Se we were right about one thing, we make a good singing team !! :)


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    I only play around 20-30 songs per day average, on rare occasion where I play a lot of RB in one day, let's say 50 songs just for the sake of comparison, I'd gold star probably somewhere around 40-45 of them based on how I normally perform and based on the songs I normally would play.
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