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This is very difficult to write and it may be too soon, but due to Hogan's popularity here I feel the need to put this up so the community can know. Hogan (Charlie) was killed in a car crash earlier today. His sister posted this in WAYDRN
Hello Rock Band crew,

I'm the sister of the guy you know as Hogan2000 aka (Charlie). I just wanted to say he was in a car crash a little over an hour ago. .He was rushed to the hospital and right now we don't know the status of what's going on. I was just going through his phone and I seen where he had logged into the Rock Band site. I just thought I let his friends know what's going on. Please keep him in your thoughts as we update you on his situation. Thank you Rock Band crew.
She later posted Charlie had passed.

Charlie was a beloved member here in our Rock Band world. He was one of those guys that got attention with every post. I know he was actually one of HMX's favorite posters as well. I think I can speak on behalf of the community when I say our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and we'll miss him.


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