Amberian Dawn new singer, new music video online now

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Our new music video: KOKKO- Eagle of Fire is now online. Check it out and tell us, what you think of it..How about that crazy guitar solo by Emil Pohjalainen? Would it be too hard to play on RBN? How about that voice of Capri?

Also an album sampler of our forthcoming RE-EVOLUTION album is now online. How do you like this new sound if ours?

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  • raynebcraynebc Road Warrior
    edited June 2013
    I think Capri's voice changes the sound of the music to be more metal and less opera. That's not necessary bad, it was great music before and it still is. Looking forward to some new songs.
  • ClaptonsWigClaptonsWig I Can't Dance
    edited June 2013
    Can't watch the videos on my mobile device /:
  • DerLindwurmDerLindwurm Road Warrior
    edited June 2013
    AmberianDawn;5020498 said:
    Also an album sampler of our forthcoming RE-EVOLUTION album is now online. How do you like this new sound if ours?
    Kind of hit and miss, I think. The new Circus Black sounds really good! I didn't like the way Come Now Follow sounds at all, though... I guess I'm just too used to hearing Heidi sing it. Valkyries seems hardly recognizable with the keyboard part being pushed as far into the background as it is, at least in that little clip.
  • NoThru22NoThru22 Road Warrior
    edited June 2013
    I'd rather new music than rehashes that will constantly be compared to the original versions. Oh well, if this means we finally get a Rock Band 3 version of He Sleeps In a Grove then I approve!
  • vexx0820vexx0820 Unsigned
    edited June 2013
    The new singer sounds more ... cinematic? thematic? Not sure how to characterize it other than more retro hard rock sounding. I don't dislike her though she is less operatic - heh, just give me a while to chew on the sound.
  • a1ltobeg0dly16a1ltobeg0dly16 Opening Act
    edited June 2013
    Remember keep Amberian Dawn in game we need to voice our opinion and keep them feeling like content will be bought! i personally love the new singer. Gives the band that feeling i've always seen in them, and now it's complete. Whatever you guys put out (i've bought all of your songs) i will be purchasing for rock band, if anything for guitar solos and full band play!
  • FujiSkunkFujiSkunk Headliner
    edited June 2013
    She's different, but she's good. This reminds me of Van Halen's transition from David Lee Roth to Sammy Hagar. I happened to like both versions of Van Halen, and I'd definitely be up for buying game tracks from the new Amberian Dawn line-up.
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