Beatles instrumental CD set ?

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Hello, recently I purchased, on Ebay, a 3 CD set of Beatles songs that have had the vocals removed and are totally instrumental . It is not a set of songs done by cover bands, it is the actual Beatles recordings from their albums !! They are awesome !! I contacted the seller and asked him where he got it from. It is professionally done and does not appear to be a bootleg. There is no information on the Cd's or the cover in regards to a manufacturer or publisher or anything ! Anyway, the seller emailed me back and informed me that he thought the songs were from the Beatles Rock Band game... I checked, and, sure enough, all the songs on the Cd's are in the game. Anyways, I am wondering, has anybody heard of this set and, more importantly, will there be another "CD set" released for Beatles Rock Band 2 ? The set I have has about 63 songs on the 3 Cd set... I see that there is, or will be, a Beatles Rock Band 2 game available and the song list of 50 songs is awesome. I am extremely interested in getting the second Cd set if and when it is available... I sure would like to get some information on this and any help will be greatly appreciated. If you can direct me in the right direction if you do not know what I am talking about. Thank you all for any help, have a great day and God Bless, Robert


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