January DLC: weeks of 1/22 and 1/29


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    snwns26;261997 said:
    Since it's obvious you guys already have some sort of a DLC release plan going into 2+ weeks into the future, why did you decide to only post one week at a time? Everyone is usually dying to find out what the songs are so why make them wait until Monday to reveal only the songs for the next day?
    Obviously this is only my own opinion, but I quite like the posting schedule they've set thus far. This advance release just confirms it for me.

    Since I'm not going to be getting anything for the next two weeks, I'm obviously less excited about DLC. Up to this point, it's been a weekly thrill. What's announcing today? What can I look forward to getting tomorrow? What's coming next week?

    Now we have two weeks advance notice, I feel my Rock Band balloon has deflated a bit for the first time since before the game was even released. I've always had something to look forward to -- game tidbits, the game itself, the weekly DLC. What I have to look forward to now is ... February.

    Excitement and interest, those things are easier to maintain than regain.

    Those who are excited, even if they hit a week where they don't like the offerings, can maintain because they have the mystery of the next week to keep them going. But if you lose interest, particularly for an extended period of time (say, half a month in this instance) you almost have to start all over again on the excitement train and then work to regain your speed. Newton's Third Law of Fanboys and Girls perhaps.

    So, for me personally, I would rather keep to the weekly announcements, even if those announcements aren't for anything I'm particularly keen on.
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    I was just hoping for 1 Oasis song. But when the Oasis pack is released next week, Rock Band will officially be the best game ever!!!! Much thanks, Harmonix!!!!!:D
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    LiveForever;262070 said:
    I was just hoping for 1 Oasis song. But when the Oasis pack is released next week, Rock Band will officially be the best game ever!!!! Much thanks, Harmonix!!!!!:D
    Which song was that? Kinda silly to post and not even tell us!
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    Wonderwall is up there in terms of mass-party sing-a-long songs like Creep. I can completely envision a whole room of people singing the song from start to finish. I remember having dinner at Planet Hollywood in New York when this song came up and our whole school tour group sang the song word for word. I was surprised, and it was a real highlight of our visit to NYC.

    PS: We need one more Oasis song Harmonix: Supersonic
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    Quastor;262115 said:
    Which song was that? Kinda silly to post and not even tell us!
    I'm a huge Oasis fan and any 1 song would have made me happy. I'm ecstatic with 3!
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    I am a HUGE Oasis fan. Needless to say im floored. Not 1 but 3 .. I thought it was a misprint when i read the leak last night. Should be a fun week.

    Now we just need a Pearl Jam 3...scratch that 8 pack since they have a ton of songs that would be killer for RB not to mention they are my favorite band.
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    Again no SOAD... :(

    There's always next week I'll say :) Although this is for the next two weeks I guess I gotta say there's alwas next month :D

    Not really excited about these choices...

    Sorry people, not a big Rush, Oasis, C&C fan. I like the Pumpkins though :D
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    I knew it was true. Not a doubt in my mind. :cool:

    Now, the waiting game...
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    Scottish band, CHECK

    Irish band, not yet.

    Thanks for keeping the fans happy as much as possible.
  • LaredenLareden Opening Act
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    Here's my reaction:

    "Oasis Pack"
    Ughhhh.... *shudder*


    “Working Man”

    “Ten Speed (Of God’s Blood and Burial)”

    Here's to hoping that we see more of the greater-than-3-songs-a-week Thursdays! *cheers* Keep it up, HMX! (and where's those OXM songs for us PS3 fools?)
  • AirconAircon Unsigned
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    Yay, Oasis! Oh wait, they're horrible. When can we get something good, I don't know like the Nevermind album? Also, I'd like to download this week's DLC (1/15/08) before next week's comes out if that's at all possible. PlayStation Network for the loss.
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    can someone please tell me when Nevermind is coming out? I love all the DLC's that have been coming out but anxiously waiting....
  • RockefellowRockefellow Unsigned
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    I have to agree with the Oasis hate in here. I don't mind them, but I don't care for them at all. To each his own, though-- Glad some people are getting something they love, and hopefully that'll happen to us Classic Rock fans(Rush helps a bit :))!
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    Thanks for backing up those reports. It makes more sense that the 29th wont be a pack. I'm looking forward to some Smashing Pumpkins and Oasis over the next two weeks!
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    These songs are great but we need some anthrax or megadeth
  • ProggedProgged Opening Act
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    Rush is not only prog, but one of the founding fathers of the genre.

    Excellent choice HMX! I was beginning to wonder if Moving Pictures was the only album you guys had :D
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    Sweet! I'm very stoked about these upcoming DLC's and more Rush and Pumpkins!!!!! I'm not a big Oasis fan, but I do remember when they ruled the airwaves in the mid-90's so I'm quite familiar with their tunes -- I'll probably download their pack is what I'm saying! Keep the tunes coming, HMX! You're doing a great job!

    On a bummer note, I had no idea this game would be costing me more like $250 ($170 for game pack, it'll be over $80 in DLC's at the rate I'm going by February)!!!! Oh well! It's some of the best entertainment I've ever had in a game so keep 'em comin'!
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    thanks for Oasis now work on getting some tool

    More Weezer and Radiohead too
  • JibbygogJibbygog Unsigned
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    Ahh, Oasis. Not a huge fan, but I'll grab Wonderwall at least for sure. Gotta love those big group sing-a-longs.

    Also, yay Rush! I'll snag that too.
    Pumpkins...meh. Probably not.
    Coheed..hell yeah! Favorite band. :D

    But..about the Coheed..why is it a cover? Doesn't make much sense, but not a big deal.
    Also..why Ten Speed? Their new album is EASILY much more suited for Rock Band. But, I'll shut up and take what I get. :)
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    This game is called Rockband...how about some real 'rockband' dlc's soon. Big hair, 80's arena rock...Crue, GNR, Poison, VH???
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    yeah now Zero and Bullet with Buttfly wings please?
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    Other than a U2 pack, there is nothing more in the world that I want more than that Oasis pack! Unbelievable!!! If anything, it is too bad a wide range of their material wasn't included - 3 or 4 different drummers with some unique styles. Ringo's kid is playing with them now...

  • mn232mn232 Unsigned
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    you've got to add


    -guns n roses
    -pink floyd
    many more also
    never mind this punk rock, add some classic rock, rock from the 70's and 80's

    this would be awesome
  • LaredenLareden Opening Act
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    alpine69;262364 said:
    This game is called Rockband...how about some real 'rockband' dlc's soon. Big hair, 80's arena rock...Crue, GNR, Poison, VH???
    Exactly, the game is called Rock Band, not Hair Band. ;)

    I'm kidding, to each his own. But man I hate hair bands and such. A lot of 80's music just felt... soul-less to me. When GH released that 80's expansion I was like "awesome! Sex Pistols, Violent Femmes, REM, the Clash, U2, Dead Milkmen, Primus, Ramones, Killer Pussy, etc. maybe some other so-so stuff like Pat Benetar, Midnight Oil, etc."

    Then I saw the song list and a single tear ran down my cheek as an audible "crrrraACk!" was heard by all... the sound of my heart breaking. It was like Red Octane was playing some kind of sick prank on us. I was all set to buy GH just for that expansion because there was a lot of great stuff that I remember listening to in the 80's, but it seems like everyone else forgot. For some reason everyone thinks of Flock of Seagulls and Van Halen when 80's music comes up.
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    OK, I just chacked Wikipedia, a few things I am minorly concerned about...

    1. What happened to the 18 songs by The Grateful Dead?? Are these still being released?

    2. I chacked about a week or two ago to see that One was going to be a cover, then I checked later to find it removed altogether.

    I would really appreciate some kind of confirmation (especially about the Dead) that tells me that these songs are still going to be up for DLC.

  • PennStGuyPennStGuy Unsigned
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    Should be real interesting to see how the Ten Speed cover sounds. Haven't had any desire to download any of the songs released before this, but I'll definitely be getting the Progressive Pack. Working Man is one of my favorite Rush songs.
  • wampdawgwampdawg Opening Act
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    I lost my chubby when I saw we were getting 3 Oasis songs....guess I'll finally get the Bowie pack or the Punk pack next week. There will be NO OASIS ON MY 360! Just don't like them, but to each his own. I will get the Pumpkins/Rush/Coheed songs though.
  • padreswinpadreswin Opening Act
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    My buy-it-all DLC streak will be broken by the Coheed cover. Gonna pass on that one.

    But Harmonix, thank you very much for Oasis. Well done!
  • HorrifiedHorrified Unsigned
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    Covers aren't really that big of a deal, I mean, you're still getting the exact same gameplay you'd get with or without a cover. I'm going to continue grabbing everything.

    Also, two Rush songs in a month, wow. Didn't really expect that.
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    who the heck are Oasis?
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