Most portable Rock Band/Guitar Hero controllers?

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So I wanna set up a backpack to easily carry around a whole band with me. The stock keyboard is as portable as it gets, and there's the portable drum kit, but I'm curious about guitars. I know there are the break-apart models, but I'm also wondering if a GH:WoR controller without the wings is even more portable. Along with that, are there any headsets that work well as Rock Band mics? You can just use a Karaoke Revolution headset, right?


  • MunnchyMunnchy Road Warrior
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    The most portable ones are the GH guitars. From number 3 up to band hero, having the detachable neck makes it really ideal to take to a friends house. The WoR guitar is too long to fit in a backpack. Detachable wings good, non detachable neck bad.

    Can't say anything about the rock band ones, but the fender mustang pro guitar is pretty portable.
  • drum-machinedrum-machine Unsigned
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    It's probably the most portable one:

    Nexilux guitar

    But I've never got an opportunity to test it though.
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