Did HMX shut down nearly every single server for Rock Band Blitz on the PS3?

zage1337zage1337 Rising Star
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Everytime I try to boot up Rock Band Blitz I get the Can't Connect to Rock Central message, and I have to retry at least 3-5+ times before I can connect which is ridiculous and this isn't just me that has this problem. Everyone I know who plays on the PS3 has trouble getting into the game.

It started happening shortly after the tournaments end, and now it's so bad that it always takes at least 5 attempts to connect to RB Central.

This is why this game should not always be online. Can they please patch the game so powerups and such can be used offline? I don't see HMX making anymore changes and tweaks to powerups and such so why not just patch it so the values are hard coded into the game so we can play it without relying on the RB Central Server.


  • grumblevolcanogrumblevolcano Headliner
    edited June 2013
    I have Blitz for PS3 and I rarely have this problem. It could be Sony's fault, after all they did release an update recently that bricked people's PS3s.
  • Bront20Bront20 The Writing's on the Wall
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    It's hit or miss for me, usually I have to go back to the tittle screen and then log in at least once, but that's often because it claims I'm not linked on facebook, which I blame on facebook's wonky API.
  • MunnchyMunnchy Road Warrior
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    I have it for the PS3 as well, and I get this all the time. It takes a couple of tries, but it eventually connects.
  • waffledadwaffledad Opening Act
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    same issue for me but I'm wondering if the password reset had anything to do with it. I'll try again after as I just reset my password and I refuse to play blitz without it logging in as you don't get any of the power ups you earned... that's kinda lame...
  • NumskullNumskull Road Warrior
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    I've had this problem ever since Flame Notes were restored to their initial value. Gotta hit the circle button a few times to connect. It is a bit of a nuisance, but at least my song library only has to load once.
  • zage1337zage1337 Rising Star
    edited July 2013
    Can anyone on PS3 get a full run of 2112 without getting disconnected by Rock Central anymore? It seems that you are very likely to get disconnected if you stay in a song for like 15 minutes to so, and because 2112 is 21 minutes long, 9/10 you can't get a run to go through.

    I just got a nearly a 4 million run rejected and my other friends can't get a run accepted anymore either. I didn't think this was much of an issue before but that's because I haven't really tried to play this song since the flame nerf when Rock Central was still stable.

    Rock Central is completely unstable on the ps3 and I am surprised no one has said anything yet about this.
  • Ketchupyoshi57Ketchupyoshi57 Unsigned
    edited July 2013
    Even as an Xbox 360 player this concerns me. How can I possibly compete in the most epic multi-console pinball war of all time if the pinballs are only bouncing off the PS3 servers, damaging them in the process? Sure the occasional one bounces off the Xbox 360 servers, but most of them seem to be like that one crazy pinball that only hits guitar several times in a row before crashing into a tree.

    Don't even get me started on those flame notes that PS3 players have to juggle out of their servers constantly. The Bandmate Fire Department can only do so much at a time. It seems that the PS3 servers have 5 lanes and the Xbox 360 servers have 3. While the Xbox 360 can effortlessly hold back most of the flame notes, the PS3 has to go to ridiculous measures to stop them from getting through. Even then, they will spread too quickly to manage after a few minutes.

    If that wasn't bad enough, all the Bottle Rockets, Blast Notes, and Shockwaves in the world seem to be aimed at the PS3 servers. Road Rage also coincidentally tends to swerve into the PS3 servers when possible. If the PS3 servers were equipped with Runaway Notes, they could make an attempt to dodge them. Unfortunately, they are only equipped with Jackpot and a single mistake will bring them down. While it may seem strange, the use of Point Doubler in the Xbox 360 servers actually allows them to double their efforts at battling evil Synchrony attacks.

    If we pull together all of our Super Instruments, we can keep the PS3 servers in Blitz Mode. Without Blitz Mode, society as we know it will collapse.
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