Rock Band Truly Inspires A Love For Music

overdriveguitarmanoverdriveguitarman The Walrus
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Hello guys,

I'm a huge Rock Band fan. It's been a year or two since I was posting here and playing every day. I'm not sure if anybody remembers me, but this was a huge part of my childhood.

Basically I felt a need to come back here and share what games like Rock Band have done for my life.

I used to be a video gamer. I loved video games and not much else. When I got Rock Band, I was finally exposed to more music than I ever had been in my life. I started pursuing music. After playing the game for so long I got guitar lessons. I got my own drum set. I started writing my own songs. Years later I see that Rock Band gave me a passion for music that now defines who I am.

Here is something I released yesterday:

Thank you to everyone involved with this game. I will forever be a Rock Band fan.


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