4,259 available songs!

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I see the number of songs posted and wonder how many are available for each console. The 4,259 is obviously for Xbox and still grows albeit with less each month then previously. I was trying to find the number of songs for the other 2 consoles. I am a Wiifolk, so that I can figure: 2,179 in our store with 8 currently unavailable. This # includes the free 20 RB2 DLC as well as the Green Day disc songs. Add in the 83 RB3 disc songs and the 70 RB2 imports, and Wii have 2,332 songs to play in RB3. You can play another 195 songs[Beatles+DLC,Lego,AC/DC,RB1] on other games. This is 2,527 songs total available to play on Wii. Can an PS3er figure their total and give it?


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    The 2179 number for the Wii is incorrect. That number includes a count of the albums and packs. I believe if you subtract those 2 numbers you will have the correct number of dlc. To see this, just go into the first group when sorting by song name and you'll see that there are less than 50 songs in that, even though it counts 50.

    There is also something shady about the Ozzie pack, you might need to add in the tracks from that that can't be bought individually. JI think that adds 2 to the total, but I don't remember for sure. It would be interesting if HMX would say how many they believe there are. I've been creating a mapping of the songs to the .bin files (almost done, just need to finish the RBN tracks) so I picked up on these discrepancies while doing that.
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