It's almost noon on a weekend

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It's almost noon on a weekend and there has been 1 post on the forum for today.
This place has fallen apart and it was rock solid.
Glory days is what will be , stories of what was back then .
Wasn't that a party by the irish rovers or school days by chuck berry are both good songs but might not sell , well.
I like almost all music styles. I just lean towards metal but won't be a shredder. Medium and a if there was a small step between ,what is hard now and medium ,is as far as I can go into ability. The same must be for a lot of non musician gamers. Bandfuse might have what I'm after but this place was already set.
What a great controller as a guitar simulator this mustang has been. I am saying that compared with the car racing game simulators controllers or hunting game controllers that the mustang is closest and requires real precision of play. It' s too bad that other bodies styles weren't available when the five button type had all kinds over the years. We got only one to take it or leave it. I had hoped that when they abandoned the 21 fret that the spot would be filled by rythm guitar on the mustang as a choice installed through an update.
All that mr. dave grohl and the queen had given high hopes of lots of the pro guitar upgrades for the songs already done for five button legacy. I never thought one song from this one and one from that one was a direction that they were into.
The movie trading places had a one dollar bet involved. That song school days is kind of how players felt about playing some rockband 3 . I couldn't wait to play when I got the time. So , was it a great party with business cards and meet my friends and we love rock and roll a whole lot that sent harmonix away from the thing they were doing very well. I have now tied in the wasn't that a party and school days. Now I ask for you to consider a full abandon pass , involvement over of fantasia music evolved.
Your probably too all in to back down. I'm not going to say why because harmonix , you cool people have the xbone and know it's doing and your target audience. Sorry formerly cool back in your glory days.


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