Certain Labels and RBN

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Over the 3 years the RBN has been up, we've seen some pretty big names and labels roll through here but some have stated no or after a while stopping saying yes because of money. Granted I know details won't really be given here but there are 2 labels I'm thinking of that had tracks released and the nothing ever after that. Metal Blade from what I remember is a no to the RBN now but had several tracks of their come out from Job for a Cowboy, Unearth, etc.., the other is Epitaph, they only had 1 song from Converge come out (glad we at least got one), I remember ASP saying they tried Epitaph when Falling in Reverse's Raised by Wolves was really popular and they never back. Were either of those caused by poor sales? I know all 3 consoles got at least 2 Metal Blade tracks though I'm not sure if Converge even made it to the PS3. I was just curious on what goes down with that or even better, what happened with those labels.

Edit: It was Dark Horse by Converge and IT DID make it to the PS3.


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