Anyone else celebrate the 4th anniversary on 9/9?

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As much pleasure as TB:RB has given me over the years, I figured I would at least do it some justice by playing it on 9/9 and celebrating - and luckily enough I was able to find a full band B-)

thought I would share the videos of the gameplay - nothing spectacular, particularly, but we had an excellent time and it was a very nostalgic and evocative experience (for me, anyway) to have a full band for what seems like it could possibly be the last time

[video=youtube;cQNjS_AV7xI] - Can't Buy Me Love

[video=youtube;UP7cugE7e9I] - Getting Better

[video=youtube;xJuS06SKOyY] - I Am The Walrus

and two that were not full band:

[video=youtube;7FbbMqu7PTE] - All You Need is Love (I almost FCed it on "guitar" - I think it was a -2 and that's as close as I've ever gotten haha)

[video=youtube;EmE483UFiCo] - Her Majesty FC!

great fun, great times

thanks for making the game, Harmonix (and/or whoever else was involved)

you have really brought a lot of joy to many Beatles fans around the globe
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