Buying certain DLC in the shop results in error

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Sorry if this has been reported before (I couldn't find any posts about this).

There are certain songs/packs in the RB3 shop which gives an error when I try to purchase them. The songs have been released after RB3, so it looks like an unintentional error rather than license expiration. This is the error message I get (this is a translation, the actual error is in Norwegian):

"Sorry, this offer has changed. In order to purchase, you might need to clear the system buffer and restart. For more info, look up status code 80153016 on"

I tried all steps at the xbox page (deleting marketplace file and clearing cache); I get the same error when I try to purchase the DLC again. Here follows a list of songs/packs which results in this error upon purchasing:

Cheap Trick - Surrender (live)
Dave Matthews Pack 01
James Brown - Super bad, pts 1 & 2
Phish - Stash
Queen - I'm in love with my car
Stevie Nicks - Stand back
Yellowcard - Only one

There might be more faulty songs, these are merely the ones I've unsuccessfully tried to purchase. One more observation is that the marketplace price is slightly lower for the faulty songs (in my currency they cost 11.80 NOK, while the correct price is 12.80 NOK for songs that cost 160 MSP).


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    I'm bumping this, as the error still happens. Also, I have additional info.

    Certain DLC items can't be bought in Norway. I get an error message from both RB3 ("get more songs" menu), the marketplace on the console dashboard and the xbox website. Since the error occurs in so many places, I'd guess the error is on Microsoft's end. On the website I get the error message "Beklager
    Kan ikke fullføre kjøpet for øyeblikket. Prøv på nytt senere." (Sorry, can't fulfill the transaction for the moment. Try again later.)

    Some additional items I've tried to buy since last time that don't work:

    The Black Crowes - She talks to angels
    Bob Marley Pack (the newest pack with keys support)
    Rob Zombie - Living dead girl

    I have no idea whether these songs can be bought (or not) in other countries. As I said above, I suspect the error is at Microsoft's end. I haven't found a way to report this error to Microsoft, but I report it here as I believe it's also in Harmonix' interest to get this fixed.
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    I would suggest a support ticket but I think that is busted at the moment as well.

    These are not live support forums but we are fortunate to have HMX staffers chime in when they can.
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    I'd recommend contacting Microsoft directly. Any of the channels on their contact page, or their all star Twitter support account should be able to at least get you headed in the right direction.

    We can confirm that content is live on our end, and that we haven't heard any additional reports of content showing up as missing or unavailable in Norway. We don't control content availability region to region, and we don't control pricing conversion either, so both of those issues are worth flagging to Microsoft.

    I'll bring this up on our end, but as I mentioned, we don't control that level of international availability. There may be an unrelated issues with XBL in your region, it could be tied to the change from MSP to local currency, or it could be some other error I'm not aware of. Sorry that I'm not able to help more, but I'd recommend contacting Microsoft through any of their official channels for recommended next steps.
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