Mustang OD activation

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I am having trouble with the tilt sensor, it's not as bad as my 5 button (which either activates on its own as soon as my OD bar reaches 50% or simply don't want to) but since about 2 days, it happened 3 times where it wouldn't activate, and one time where it activates on its own (yes, it wasn't tilted). Also, plugging a pedal seems to not work, and I know it did in the past, I already used it.

Is this a common problem? Will it become as bad as my 5 button?


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    Never been a fan of tilt to deploy 'cept for the board game.

    Mercury switches are more reliable that the ball in can switch in there now and a retrofit is very simple.

    Hmmm, Mad Catz says "Advanced Tilt Sensor" so maybe it is different, I have not been inside one.

    I prefer the pedal. Not sure why yours is busted but you could re-route the wires from the pedal jack to the inputs for the tilt switch and end up with a working pedal again.
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    I'm sceptical on how the tilt work though, if I use the Mustang as a MIDI device I can assing all the axis (yes, more than one) to anything (pitch bending, killswitch, etc) and it kinda works great (I guess I'm not that good to control tilting at that level of precision). Is there any way I could test on a PC if it's really the guitar or it was my imagination? Seemed to work as new today, maybe I did do something wrong yesterday, but I want to be sure, so I can fix it if there is indeed something wrong.
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