How can I use two bass pedals for the Xbox 360 Rock Band 3 kit?

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I have two bass pedals at home: one that I normally use for my Xbox and one for the PS2, but also works on the Xbox 360 Rock Band 3 kit.

I have been reading multiple posts but I haven't got a final solution. So, I decided to post my own thread. I do not know how it is possible to use both of them for a double kick experience. Would I have to purchase something to make this possible or is there some sort of setting in the Rock Band 3 game that I have to change? Do I have to buy the separate cymbals and enable them? Can somebody please help a bro out? I want to know how I can enjoy the harder songs more.


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    Your Rock Band 3 kit has a black port on the back for a second kick pedal that can also function as a hi hat in some modes if it is enabled.

    I think it only works in RB3 however but its been a while.

    For other titles you need an adapter like THIS.
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    Thanks for the support! But how could I use it for a double bass effect? How would I use the twin rocker?
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    I am not sure what you are asking now.

    If you you are using an RB2 RB3 to play in RB3 kit for double bass you just plug in the pedals.

    If you are trying to use RB2 or older you plug the twin rocker into the kick port and then the two pedals into that.

    IIRC the only songs that actually have double bass charted are RBN tracks.

    For everything else, double bass is pretty much pointless IMO as it is all charted for one pedal.
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    It's all good. That's exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks for the help Doc.
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    I play on Wii and tried the method that Doc is talking about.

    It didn't work for me as the pedal I plugged into the black port didn't respond, is there A difference with the Wii kit in that regard as opposed to xbox and ps3?

    Or is there A setting I need to change in order for this to work?

    A youtube video I just watched on how to hook up double bass showed him using A splitter.
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    Hmm, the Wii may have never had the ability to use the extra port patched it because it's a Wii.

    You will need to go the splitter route if so bu a regular splitter will not work properly. You need something like the twin rocker.

    There are DIY circuits out there as well.
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