Oblio or Kerith

locorocolocoroco Opening Act
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Who do u think is better


  • Seanyboy99Seanyboy99 Rising Star
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    I like them both, but I think I would be on team Oblio if I had to pick one. I prefer his music and dancing style.
  • WhiteMoWhiteMo Opening Act
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    I'm on team Kerith! I like the Glitteratis as the characters who are negative by nature, not because they are evil and do bad things, but because they are vain and conceited - in a funny, distinctly loveable way :D

    What I like about Oblio is the artistic side, but he's still behind Kerith.

    (but I'm still a Hi-Def supporter!)
  • LadyHaHa2ItLadyHaHa2It Opening Act
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    I was an Oblio fan during the DC 1 era. Then Bodie came along......... hee hee hee. If I have to choose between Oblio and Kerith, I'd still pick Oblio- but I wonder what all the outfits look like! Who knows, maybe Kerith will win me over with some cool duds! :D
  • so3xitedso3xited Unsigned
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    Oblio; I don't know, i don't like so much Kerith.
  • EauSaleeEauSalee Unsigned
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    I mean, he's so stylish & sassy, what's not to love?
    I love Oblio too, but Kerith is definitely my favourite.
  • RaggedySamRaggedySam Opening Act
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    But I love Kerith also....Can I choose both? :D
  • MewstickMewstick Unsigned
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  • hexterahhexterah Unsigned
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    Yeah, I'll have to go with both too. Kerith might edge out Oblio a bit just cause of DAT SASS though. XD
  • BodieAngelBodieAngel Opening Act
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    Kerith ! Love this guy, and now in DC3 EVEN MORE!
  • I like them both, but if I have choose one ,it would be Oblio
  • oblio He was my first so he will always be the main man in my heart.
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