Who do you Think is the Hottest Character in DC3?

m1900kangm1900kang Unsigned
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I like Miss Aubrey (Angel must cannot date her anyomore so Angel GIVE UP!)

My friend says that she loves Bodie and Angel that she wants them take their clothes off!!!

What are yours? Comment and Explain!!!!


  • TokioJaponTokioJapon Unsigned
    edited February 2013
    Aubrey. Hands down. Bodie too I suppose.
  • xtinegeaterxtinegeater Unsigned
    edited March 2013
    Oblio,,,, ~~
    coz he has this weird aura
  • tianachanteltianachantel Unsigned
    edited June 2013
    What? MO without a doubt!
  • nittoga1nittoga1 Opening Act
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    Miss Aubrey and Angel of course, Lu$h is hot!
  • TheFanofJDCTheFanofJDC Rising Star
    edited June 2013
    Despite being a guy,I like the guys more :p. Not like saying O'm a certain type or anything even though it looks liek it but yeah. The girls though are pretty sunning though so yeah.

    For girls: They all look pretty but I guess Miss Aubrey just cause although I really like Dare too.
    For guys: For me Bodie. If I was a girl, I would find a hot guy in like a tux with a black vest uber-sexy. Glitch is cute,Mo's gorgeous,Angel has like no words to describe him. Oblio I find sexy in a way (Maybe cause of the black leather jacket and if I was a girl I would find hot guys wearing a black leather jacket uber-sexy)


    Icon Crew is obviously the hottest out of all though. (Teehee taking jokes from SSR :p)
  • Super90sgamerSuper90sgamer Opening Act
    edited June 2013
    I would not say which pexils is the hottest pexil in DC.
  • TheFanofJDCTheFanofJDC Rising Star
    edited June 2013
    Pexils? I always thought it was pixels. :p
  • I cant believe Jaryn wasnt brought up
  • The lovely Mo. He is forever my favorite dancer. It hurts to see how unpopular he is unu
  • If we're talking DCS. Emilia. <3
  • OBLIO Tan!!!!
  • Can't decide between Bodie and Maccoy!! I've made a ship called Maccodie because they look good together as a pairing
  • Laura090Laura090 Unsigned
    Miss Aubrey <3 because she's so cute and hot xD
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