Turtle Beach Starts Production on DC Blackout

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Harmonix to release Dance Central Blackout in conjunction with Turtle Beach, featuring
ultra-powerful audio and custom presets and voice prompts by Turtle Beach.

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. and VALHALLA, N.Y. - April 1, 2013: Developers of the popular
Rock Band and Dance Central video game series, Harmonix, and makers of the number
one gaming headset brand, Turtle Beach, together announce a new version of Dance
, titled Dance Central Blackout.

Featuring some of the most popular songs of 80s, 90s, and today, Dance Central
relies entirely upon players’ listening skills and emphasizes the series’
incredible audio. Utilizing minimalist graphics, Dance Central Blackout issues all
commands to gamers through Turtle Beach’s voice prompt system.

Turtle Beach is developing an entirely new voice prompt system, driven directly from the
game’s engine, which will feed players information on how to move to earn a perfect
score for each song. Employing Turtle Beach’s proprietary Dual-Stage DSP® system for
the ultimate in concert-like immersion, Dance Central Blackout will provide a listening
and gaming experience that’s sure to delight!

Players will become familiar with headset-issued commands, such as:
“Put your right foot in!”
“Take your left shoulder out!”
“No, your OTHER left!”

By removing the element of sight from the game, Turtle Beach and Harmonix believe
players will be able to enjoy the music even more and will focus on honing their dance

Designed for Xbox® Kinect®, Dance Central Blackout will be available... sometime.

Gameplay Capture

Dance Central Blackout Box Art

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