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I noticed that a lot of the songs that come from America and other countries don't really have choreography and went people try to put their own choreography with the song, they can't do the song because (1) they run of ideas or (2) there's not much to go by.

I figured because KPOP has already became very popular among most music/dance fans, why not a KPOP Dance Central?

(1) Most if not all songs and music videos have official, challenging choreography that can be easily made into different levels from Easy to Expert.

(2) The songs are catchy and there's a great variety from sexy to mind-blowing.

(3) Considering that many KPOP artists want to branch out more into the American market, there wouldn't be much of an issue making a deal with SM, YG, CL entertainment, etc.

Here are some Example of great choreography:

EXO- Growl

4Minute - What's Your Name?

Sistar - Give It To Me

T-Ara - BoPeep Bopeep

SHINee - Sherlock

SHINee - Lucifer

Brown Eyed Girls - Kill Bill

Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra

B2ST - Beautiful Night

SNSD (Girls' Generation) - Genie

SNSD (Girls' Generation) - Oh!

Orange Caramel - Lipstick

miss A - I Don't Need A Man

BIGBANG - Fantastic Baby

BIGBANG - Tonight


Lee Hyori - Bad Girls

Super Junior - Mr. Simple

Super Junior - Spy

Super Junior - Sexy, Free and Single

Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

HyunA - Bubble Pop

2NE1 - Falling In Love

2NE1 - I Love You

2NE1 - I Am The Best


  • I agree.. But don't forget to add KARA songs since they're pretty much the best selling kpop girl group in iapan and their songs are really for hardcore dancing.. :)
  • This I have to agree to, I love KPOP. And I really want to learn the dances. Besides from watching their choreography, I'd like to try dancing along with it. That's an easier way to learn.
  • Completely agree, even if it's just optional extra song downloads. Kpop is surprisingly popular all around the world, with excellent dance routines, so I'm surprised we haven't seen more included already. I'd pay big money for Girls Generation - Run Devil Run!
  • Opino lo mismo, tengo Dance Central Spotlight busqué y busqué pero no encuentro ninguna canción ni para descargar, me siento decepcionada :(
  • Harmonix developers, we want kpop and jpop in the game!!! Please, upload new songs for us.
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