Forum Badges?

Bront20Bront20 The Writing's on the Wall
Is there any place to see all the badges available? I'm mostly curious what's out there.


  • this^
  • Here's what I have:

    Name Dropper: use the @ to mention someone like @Bront20
    Anniversary 1-5 years: been a forum member for x number of years.
    Comment 1-1000+: I think the highest I saw was a 5000 comments badge.
    Old Timer: been with us since the old forums

  • HMXchristineHMXchristine Harmonix Developer
    There are a bunch of default badges that are built into our new forum software. I'm trying to find a list for you guys. There's only one custom badge so far, and that's the Old Timer badge that @ridethepiggy mentioned.
  • @hmxchristine that makes me feel special. #hashtag
  • @hmxchristine That might explain why only the Old Timer badge is telling me nobody else has earned it. Is there some sort of trigger flag that none of the users can actually activate (since it's something I presume you just automatically applied to everyone when you imported their profiles over)?

    Also, Photogenic: for when you upload a custom avatar to your profile. Those who already have custom avatars apparently have to re-upload it to get the badge.
  • SCFoxSCFox Opening Act
    Does anyone know what triggers the anniversary badges? They haven't registered for me yet so I'm just a little curious. Also, thanks @HMXChristine for looking into a list for us!
  • SCFoxSCFox Opening Act
    Apparently, just being patient does the trick... who woulda guessed?
  • BachiGBachiG Inconceivable...
  • Apparently, just being patient does the trick... who woulda guessed?

    All of mine popped after making a post or two.
  • There's ones for getting certain numbers of likes and lols.
  • "thinks of spamming the forum and then clicking the Spam button on all of those posts to see if a badge would come up from that"

  • Good thing I haven't done it then.
  • Bront20Bront20 The Writing's on the Wall
    @hmxchristine any luck? (Yes, I'm doing this to name drop too)
  • 6 years... wow
  • Me?

    Just swell, thanks for asking.
  • 5 Likes Badge? Awesome!
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    @ridethepiggy #thx for the tips :D
  • Kolma_Kolma_ Unsigned
    edited March 2014
    @RidethePiggy‌ Thanks for the info
    I have years 1-5 and old timer should get the @Badge now and a hashtag badge if available

    Also earned 1st and tenth post badge with this, no hashtag badge though
  • NarooNNarooN Opening Act
    @kolma_ Only mentioning you because you posted above me. #hashtagsareforhipsters #hipster
  • HMXchristineHMXchristine Harmonix Developer
    I somehow missed all the folks tagging my name. Sorry 'bout that!

    Update: I don't have a list yet. I mean *I* have a list. But I don't have a list that's on the internet somewhere for you guys to see. The badges are stuff you guys might expect, though - anniversary badges for the years you've been on the forums, badges for getting Likes, Agrees, etc. on your posts, etc. We're working on a few new custom badges, so stay tuned for those!

    @LoopyChew‌ - I think because we assigned the badge to everyone, technically no one "earned" it, maybe? Not entirely sure. We'll see what happens next time we assign a custom badge!
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    thx for info
  • I got my second anniversary badge.
  • DesmodeusDesmodeus Unsigned
    @Ridethepiggy Thanks for the infos.
  • @HMXCHRISTINE thanks for that info!
  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard
    edited July 2014
    Got the 10,000 comments badge today. I just now realized how much I talk :p
  • There is one very very very rare badge.

    Anyone found it?
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