Forum Badges?



  • The one that's got your name on it? I saw it on Lex's and Magnet's pages.
  • Can't believe this thread still gets posts, also I get my 6th year badge next month :smiley:
  • Is it just me, or can you not open spoilered portions of posts in locked threads?
  • Not sure how these update. My last anniversary badge was February 2014
  • Perhaps there could be rewards based on the number of points earned.

    @Lawdog1521 must have more points than anyone on this site (last I looked it was 1,141). Does anyone else even have 1,000? That deserves at least a pat on the head, doesn't it? How about an extra treat in his supper dish, a belly rub or a nice toy to chew on?
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    I stole a good percentage of them from other members when they weren't looking.
  • Dadasaurus RexDadasaurus Rex Rawwwwwwr!
    edited April 2015
    Doc_SoCal said:

    There is one very very very rare badge.

    Anyone found it?

    @Doc_SoCal It should be in my wall...but I don't see it. :)

  • Bront20Bront20 The Writing's on the Wall
    Doc_SoCal said:

    There is one very very very rare badge.

    Anyone found it?

    I did!

    Very brave of you to include it.

  • BachiGBachiG Inconceivable...
    Lol... @Bront20 inspired me to risk it all and go search out this rare beast. I had to explore strange lands and risk life and limb to be able to come across and sight one in the wild, but I walked out alive and more daring than ever because of it.
  • Kolma_Kolma_ Unsigned
    Would be awesome if we could get a custom badge for having backed Amplitude
  • geo731geo731 Opening Act
    @HMXchristine any chance a list is now available?
  • Edify1Edify1 Rising Star
    @Bront20 Thanks for starting this thread. I've been curious, myself (and haven't yet earned the Name Dropping badge).
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