Achievements not working anymore

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This will be my last dance central purchase. You put achievements in the game that are tied to specific mechanics, and don't support them so it screws with our completion of the game. Your customer service availability sucks, and I will make sure that everyone around me never purchases a dance central game again. The upload and FB achievements aren't being supported, I played for 3 weekends in a row and 7 days in a achievement. I've sat here for several weeks waiting on someone who cares enough about the customer to answer why the FB and upload achievements error hasn't been fixed and it's just silent. I guess you don't care about supporting dance central 3 anymore because you just announced a new dance central today at E3. Funny how I can upload a pic on dance central 2 just fine and get my attached achievement..smh.


  • Hi there! Unfortunately, our customer support team is just myself, sicne Microsoft (the publisher) actually handles most customer support issues. And E3 is precisely why I wasn't able to respond to any tickets last week, as I was out at E3.

    We're aware of an issue with the Facebook app and are currently working to solve the photo uploading issue. That's the only part of it that we've had reports isn't working though, so if there are any other issues you're experiencing, make sure to update your ticket in teh support portal --I can't tell from your screen name which ticket is yours.
  • So, year passed - no progress.
    There's still a constant problem with photo uploading. That renders the corresponding achievement unobtainable.
  • The servers are up again and "Up to the challenge" achievement is unlockable :D

    I tried on February 7th, 2016
  • The Dance Central 2 Facebook app does not work for uploading photos. :confused: Help me please!! My achievement I can not unlock.
  • I still have the problem and nobody has answered me. :neutral:
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