Make Dance Central for PS4 Please!!!!

Make Dance Central for PS4 Please!!!! 100's of 1000's of people are ditching Microsoft for the PS4 because it is downright the better system as far as Next Gen is concerned. I have been a loyal Rock Band and Dance Central Fan since the beginning. Give the people what they want. I personally want another Rock Band Game, My wife on the other hand wants Dance Central on the PS4. Your games were the only reason to keep my Xbox One and it just wasn't enough after E3 so I sold it on EBay. Aside from the fact that Microsoft screwed you over by making the Kinect optional, PS4 sales have been #1 since launch and it has a camera that is just as capable if not more. I am not a fan boy of either system, but give the people what they want. Since it is a digital release, that means a ton of more money for you and I am sure Sony would appreciate a real Camera experience on their console. Thank you, a Loyal Fan -Nick


  • I'm sorry, but as Dance Central Spotlight is co-published by Microsoft, I'm afraid we don't have any plans to bring it to other consoles. That doesn't mean it can't or won't happen for future titles, but it's not in the cards for the newest game.
  • Won't happen. It's an Xbox exclusive.

    "Better" console is subjective and depends on aspects, but so far as I'm concerned, the PS Eye camera is older tech and less accurate than the Kinect 2.0.
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