Drum roll - Specifically Ballroom Blitz

sharpdustsharpdust Unsigned
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Dude, I'm playing Ballroom Blitz on hard and I cannot get the drumrolls down. Does anybody have a good video of how to master drumrolls. Like, I could get by them on other songs because there wasn't much of them, but half of Ballroom Blitz is the drum roll. I really don't know if I'm going to fast or too slow. Any suggestions?


  • RogerTarinRogerTarin Opening Act
    edited January 2008
    Practice Makes Perfect My Friend, Also you forgot to mention which difficulty you are playing on. But yeah just hear the song and keep practicing till you get it right and memorize the rythm so you can do it again....
  • TheTFactaTheTFacta Opening Act
    edited January 2008
    He said he was on hard.

    Anyways, how I got the drumrolls is: is it you that is bad, or is it your drums? try your drums in practice. If they don't work, duct tape them down so the pad is closer to the piezo sensor or use a mod that the many fine people have come up with. If its you, then again, practice. Just get the speed you have to do in the rolls down, then all the other songs will come as well.
  • Conner_MalvecinoConner_Malvecino Opening Act
    edited January 2008
    Is this Expert level you're talking about? If so, it may not be the snare roll itself but the kicks 'under' it. There's a kick on the 'eee' of 4 that always throws me off. Not to mention on the outro the string of bass kicks on the 'eee's and 'ah's

    This is definitely one song straight from Satan... ...because it looks deceptively easy ;)
  • sharpdustsharpdust Unsigned
    edited January 2008
    This is on hard. I've tried doing practice mode, but it really only is going to be effective if I go 100% to get the timing down right.

    My question for anybody who's good at it, how high do you bring your drum sticks. I started bringing them a little higher and it's kind of helping, but I still can't get it very well.
  • submerRgesubmerRge Unsigned
    edited January 2008
    Well I don't remember this one on hard, but on expert I passed it, but it was a pain in the ass as far as I remember

    And for your question about how high to raise your sticks, just raise them enough so you can bring them down in time so you aren't sort of hesitating when you hit the pad.

    And try taping the red drum down in an X with duct tape and see if that helps, also make sure you are doing the bass drum kicks right.
  • DemiGodRavenDemiGodRaven Road Warrior
    edited January 2008
    Is it a timing issue? Because on hard mode and on it gets really close to the actual song which is three quadruplets and then a 1-2. The bass kick is on the first part of it. Basically it helps to just listen to the actual song and then remember it this way.


    also, try hitting it lightly and slightly before the notes actually hit.
  • sharpdustsharpdust Unsigned
    edited January 2008
    Thanks for the help guys. My drum roll is kind of improving. I managed to beat the song by holding onto some overdrive and skipping most of the drum rolls.:)
  • erickOnasis412erickOnasis412 Road Warrior
    edited January 2008
    i think it's mostly a timing issue.. maybe a lag issue as well.. drum rolls are the worst.. songs like ballroom blitz though is all timing.. you can easily pass it, you just have to get the timing down.. same thing with songs like "move along" and others.. its all a timing thing.. before i could beat them, i was going too fast - then i really listened and figured out the tempo.. sometimes that's all it takes.. just listen to the song and feel it, get into the rhythm and you'll be beating those songs in no time :cool:
  • MrBrownstain420MrBrownstain420 Opening Act
    edited January 2008
    Ballroom blitz doesn't require drum rolls... just a little intelligent timing. Just practice one of the parts in practice mode at half speed until you can almost 100% it, tan go from there. It really isn't that hard, just the break inbetween gets me. And the hard part at the end with the bass drum, gets me every time.
  • klauswklausw Unsigned
    edited January 2008
    Check out this thread about identifying possible reasons and fixes for troublesome drum rolls - it may also be a calibration problem.

  • -Nick--Nick- Opening Act
    edited January 2008
    klausw said what i was bout to say. Calibration. If the timings off, it may because you have to re calibrate it. Just go to the pause menu during game play and go from there.
  • Thats_BullThats_Bull Unsigned
    edited January 2008
    The funny thing about this song is that it is almost easier on expert than it is on hard. The drum roll in hard is slower than in expert, which is why bringing your hands up more is helping you with the timing. My only suggestion is to just find the right beat in practice, because 99% of the song is that one roll speed. Once you get it though, the song seems simple.
  • Project_MercyProject_Mercy Road Warrior
    edited January 2008
    I'm also going to suggest you check your calibration.
  • HanoverHanover Opening Act
    edited January 2008
    I found holding your drum sticks right was the key to getting drum rolls. You need to hold the sticks so they are like levers...making your thumbs and forefingers the fulcrums and let your other fingers control how much "bounce" the stick has which can actually help control the accuracy of the rolls. Making sure you are only using your wrists also helps.

    There's some good tutorials here: Drum Tutorials
  • howcleverhowclever Opening Act
    edited January 2008
    I think your terminology or understanding of what's going on maybe holding you back too. These aren't drumrolls, just 16th notes. It's just hitting the pad four times for every downbeat. It has a tricky sound to it b/c of where the accents are placed but for the most part, if you can play 16th notes at this speed you should be fine.

    If the drum itself doesn't seem to be recognizing what you are hitting, then definitely try taping it down. I had a problem where my red pad wasn't sensitive enough to recognize rapidly repeated notes. But once I put some duct tape across the top and bottom of it it was fine.
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