Bass Guitar,Gh80s and Pelican Adapter

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Yes we all try to find a Ps2 to Ps3 adapter so we can all play Gh1 and Gh2 on our Ps3s sadly nothing Good can be expected from Pelican's Adapter heres the Review from PSM.

" We , like many of you who will be interested in this Ps2 to Ps3 adapter , picked it up because it says right on the box "Works With Guitar Hero 1 & 2" Well, we can tell you that while it does "Work" with Guitar hero in the strictest sense of the word, it doesn't work nearly as we wanted, or you should expect.
"Let's start with the can nots: You can't do hammer ons or pull offs, you can't play a high note while holding the lower fret, and you can't active start power by raising the guitar neck, only by pressing the select button. This effectively makes it impossible to playon anything above medium mode and even that's not easy. Tutorial mode doesn't work, so forget about figuring out those though solos, and the frets you're pressing won't highlight until you strum, so you won't know if you're on the worng one until it's too late. Top it all off with some hefty lag when using a Dualshock2 for a diferent game, and you've got a fully ineffective peripheral "
Tom Holdien Price : 14.99
By : Electro Source / Pelican
Score: 2.0 Out of 10.0
In my Opinion Dont Waste Your Money.

Heres something nifty haha ever wanted a Bass guitar for when you are rocking it out on Guitar Hero 2 ? Well heres something

" One thing that's always bothered us about Guitar Hero controllers is that they're wired, preventing you from freely rocking out while you play, lest you wreck your ps2. Well, the folks at the The Ant Commandos have heard our plea, giving us the wireless solution.
You should inmediately notice that the Widow Maker Bass is, well, a Bass guitar, complete with four faux turning knobs. TAC makes wireless guitars as well, but we actually found the elongated neck on the bass fit better than the guitar's, wich always felt small. The lack of wires doesn't hurt response time at all, and actually makes playing Guitar Hero much more fun. Our only complaint is that sometimes -Very Rarely- it would lose the signal for a moment, making us miss some notes. It's a bit expensive at $50, but overall, the Widow Maker Bass does what a peripheral shoud do : Enhance The Gameplay Experience "

Tom Holdien Price : $49.99
By : The Ant Commandos
Score : 9.0 Out of 10.00
I Would Totally Get It

Guitar Hero Encore Rock The 80s the last game made by The Famous Harmonix :D
I wont write it down because its a 2 Page review sorry.
Veredict From Psm " It's not for everybody and its price tag certainly leaves something to be desired but GhER80s carries on the Guitar Hero legacy with all the great game modes of GH2 and a song list of '80s classic that will make you wanna Rock 'N' Roll All Night "

Price : 49.99
Score : 8.0 Out of 10.0
Even without Bonus Songs Gh80s Proves Worth it


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