Rock Blog Wednesday 08/01/07

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It's what? Wednesday? Man, this is one of them weeks where my head is already spinning. it is insane. Folks are working really hard right now and most of us are afraid to go outside as there are far too many people asking you to sign some political/ecological thing, asking for money, trying to give you free breakfast bars, or trying to harass you about what ever hallucination they are currently experiencing out on the block today. I have worked in this square for a while now but it is starting to get out of control. Which is saying a lot because it never really was in control.

Thinking about starting up doing a profile each week on a different HMX employee. How they got here. What they do. That sort of thing. How would that go over, would you dig that? Who would you want to hear about first?

Playing this.

We only have one dev blog today, but that is way better than none I'd wager! We have Moss who is working on his super hot single for the cold months. You should check it out. I'm also going to link to a fan blog today. I'd like to give a shout out to Angry_Game's epic blog that covers a lot of territory in a lot of words. Check it out - it has pictures of hockey players, he tries to insult me a couple times but can't pull the trigger on it (I have one of those faces), and he name drops Wasteland.

Moss has soulful lyrics.

Angry_Games manifesto of sorts


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