Rock En Espanol anybody?

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I doubt if any of you listen to rock en espanol at all, probably not but I would love to see at least one of these bands on the game.

I've included a short explanation on each band.

Porter- Radiohead-lite, have toured with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Mexico
Zoe- They Sound a bit like The Strokes
Cafe Tacuba- This guys are Mexico's biggest band out right now they also been around for quite awhile.
Heroes Del Silencio- Some of the best Hard Rock in Spanish.
Caifanes- Mexico's version of the Rolling Stones, they been around forever and tour constantly. They formely go by the name of 'Jaguares'.
Mana- Mexico's answer to U2, although not as good as U2.
Fobia- They broke up in the early 90's but they just released an album last year.
Los Dynamite- Indie band
Kinky- Dance music, this guys are from LA, pretty good live
Panda- Good punk band, toured with Blink-182
Allison- pop-punk, one hit wonders but I still like them
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