Heads Up: Known Issues for Dance Central Spotlight

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Last updated: 9/4 at 10:35pm ET

Hey everyone! We wanted to give you guys a heads up about known issues that will affect Dance Central Spotlight when it launches and that we're hoping to get fixed as soon as possible.

Song Pack redownloads issue

If you previously purchased any Song Packs of downloadable content for the earlier Dance Central games, you won't be given the option to redownload for free the songs that are available from those packs when the game launches. Instead it will not show that you own those songs that were part of a Song Pack and will present you with the option to buy them, like any other song. This is not intended functionality, and we hope to have the issue resolved a.s.a.p. so you can redownload those songs you already purchased! Please double check your purchase records to make sure you aren't accidentally re-buying content you already own when buying new content.

This issue does not impact any single songs you have already purchased as DLC. Those you should be able to redownload without issue as soon as the game launches and they're available in the store.

We'll update this thread as soon as we have more information, with either an all-clear or an anticipated fix date. Once we've confirmed all launch-day DLC, we'll also update this thread with a list of those songs that you might have already purchased as part of a song pack.

Truly sorry about the inconvenience, and we hope to have this fixed as quickly as we can!

Updated 9/1:

Additional known issues for Dance Central Spotlight:

Dance Central Spotlight will not start / crashes back to the dash
Some users that set up their console profile on an earlier version of the operating system may have trouble launching Dance Central Spotlight. We are actively working on a fix that will address this problem in a future title update. To enjoy Dance Central Spotlight before this update, simply changing your profile picture to a different picture will fix the issue.

To change your profile picture:
1) Sign into the profile you want to use with Dance Central Spotlight.
2) Select profile pane (column on the left).
3) Select "My Profile".
4) Select "Customize" > Select "Change Gamerpic".
5) Select a different Gamerpic.
6) Launch Dance Central Spotlight
7) After successful launch you can change back to your original profile picture.

UPDATE 9/4 at 10:30pm: The fix has been deployed. Your Xbox One should prompt you to download and install the update. This should fix the crash issue described above. Please let us know if that is not the case.

Five Legacy DLC Songs Delayed
The following five DLC songs are delayed and will not be available to purchase or re-download on launch day. We will resolve this as soon as possible.
  • Girls & Boys – Blur
  • Heard ‘Em All – Amerie
  • Weapon of Choice – Fatboy Slim
  • Because of You – Ne-Yo
  • Temperature – Sean Paul
Pack Pricing Issues
Song packs were showing incorrect pricing when Dance Central Spotlight went live. There is a fix in place and the prices should reflect the correct price soon.

Lady Gaga Dance Pack 01 Issues
Some users have been unable to find and/or download Lady Gaga Dance Pack 01. There is a fix in place and you should be able to access this content within a few hours.

Updated 9/2:
"All of Me" Issue

A few users have reported that buying "All of Me" will actually result in Paramore's "Ain't It Fun." A fix has been released. You should be able to delete and redownload the song to access the correct content.

"Problem" not available in the store
A fix has been released and you should be able to purchase this song now.

We appreciate your patience while we sort out these launch day issues. We'll keep this thread updated as we have resolutions.

Happy dancing!


  • ER_Mac3ER_Mac3 Opening Act
    Thanks for the heads up, Jessa! I didn't even remember about the song packs, I can imagine they are being trouble right now... But that's fine, can't wait for release and the last song reveal too :D
  • Are there any plans for a day 1 download of all the new songs in one bundle? Didn't know if you all may offer that up as a discount or anything. Thanks in advance!
  • Seanyboy99Seanyboy99 Rising Star
    But Rihanna song packs are like 40% of my song library. Boo.
  • Yes i also need my Lady Gaga song pack please U.U

    My body is ready!
  • I bought the game and it crashes at startup with my profile. Other profiles can access game. Might have something to do with my account purchasing dlc. Disappointed that I can't play with my account.
  • Having an issue like the above comment, but cannot play with any profile I sign in with. Pretty torturing for the game to be right there and playable up until I have to sign in to an account. Really disappointed that I can't seem to play it at all at the moment...
  • monlienNH3monlienNH3 Opening Act
    edited September 2014
    heyoRadio... Did you try with only the other profile signed in? And did the profile never purchase dlc? The game crashes every time after the music downloads are not rated disclaimer on my profile, but accessed the game when already signed in with another profile (my profile signed out).

    Additionally, if I load the game with another profile and make it to the main menu, then sign out and sign in with my profile, the game locks up with the classic software lock/crash noise repeated until the game quits to Xbox Home. Hopefully, this is the case of downloading the game too soon and all will work tomorrow.
  • I was only able to download 3 songs from my prrvious library also there arent all the new songs in the store, and why the packs are overpriced? 9 dollars for 2 songs?? You need to fix a lot of things. And i cant record anything when that is suppoused to be the main feature for Xbox One.

  • ZJ11197ZJ11197 Opening Act
    Change Ur Gamerpic Guys!! It Worked For MEE
  • ZJ11197 said:

    Change Ur Gamerpic Guys!! It Worked For MEE

    I wasn't sure if this was a joke, but I tried and it worked! Thanks.
  • HMXchristineHMXchristine Harmonix Developer
    Hi folks! We just updated the original post in this thread with new known issues, including the crash issue. Please check the original post for any existing fixes and the status of the other issues. We'll be sure to keep the thread updated as we get more information and resolve the issues. Thanks for your patience as we sort through the launch day issues!
  • Purchased All of Me and it keeps downloading Ain't It Fun instead. So there is no way to play All of Me.
  • Been enjoying the game so far now that I've gotten past the gamerpic issue, but now the issue with "All of Me" is what's bugging me. Just want to back up the statement above, because it's doing the same thing for me.
  • Pleasee fix the issues with the Gaga pack as soon as posibble i want to danceeee
  • Spinoff90Spinoff90 Unsigned
    edited September 2014
    heyoRADIO said:

    Been enjoying the game so far now that I've gotten past the gamerpic issue, but now the issue with "All of Me" is what's bugging me. Just want to back up the statement above, because it's doing the same thing for me.

    Well good to hear it isn't just me at least. Seems Microsoft just need to swap in the right song. I also did purchase Ain't It Fun so hopefully there won't be issues with the game recognizing that once All of Me properly downloads.

  • The vocal command for the DJ doesn't works very well, he understand me only in the menu, not during a soundtrack.
    My Kinect setup is ok.
  • Anyone can play game in full screen ?
  • HMXchristineHMXchristine Harmonix Developer
    @Spinoff90‌ & @heyoRADIO‌ - Thanks for reporting the All of Me issue. We'll pass it along and add it to the original post.
  • Why can i not get at my dlc, i have managed one song from the old games but nothing else, also can you make a track listing of your favourite songs like all the other games
  • I was able to get 3 previous DLC songs but that's it.
  • Will there be a way to get a refund for people who accidentally bought a song they already owned? I haven't played DC in a while and I think I may have bought a song for a second time in the new game.
  • tatuyugipiulover2tatuyugipiulover2 Opening Act
    edited September 2014
    Lol, where is the serious Mo song?? I dont see any serious routine at least with the 10 basic songs

    Edit: must download a song like Summer but Calvis Harris it unlocks the serious routine after the 1st play.
  • Will there be a way to get a refund for people who accidentally bought a song they already owned? I haven't played DC in a while and I think I may have bought a song for a second time in the new game.

    I hope so, because I bought some dance packs but didn't bother to check the price, and now I found out I paid 10 dollars for 2 songs :confused:
  • They are fixed now a pack for 2 songs is 3,50 usd but idk if you will get refund if you paid 8usd
  • The Lady gaga song pack disapeared and then problem (song) appear in the store but it has the same bug as the gaga song pack
  • I purchased 'John Legend - All of Me (Tiësto's Birthday Treatment Remix [Radio Edit])' and it gave me 'Paramore - Ain't It Fun' instead. Also, when a second player joined me on the character selection screen, it crashed (music continued stuttering rapidly until the game kicked me out) and this happened again shortly after the second player joined me mid-song. 'Summertime Sadness' was the song played both times.

    Unless I'm reading it wrong, I'm supposed to see a list of the older DLC from previous games instead of just the completely new DLC. Is this supposed to include the DLCs I did of the entire games for Dance Central 1 and 2? Regardless, I'm not getting a list of any of previous DLC. Out of curiosity, does that mean there should be some place to enter the code I have on the back of the instructions from Dance Central 3?

    In case this matters, I had to do the avatar update in order to avoid the black screen of death after the Harmonix logo. I did not update the second player's avatar, though.

  • Seanyboy99Seanyboy99 Rising Star
    edited September 2014
    Sorry if this was addressed elsewhere, but I was wondering if the Legacy Lady Gaga DLC songs (everything except for Applause) are supposed to cost money, or is it related to the "Legacy Song Pack" and / or "missing Lady Gaga pack" issue? All of the other listed legacy DLC that I own was free.

    I know that the packs are messed up, but are there issues with the individual songs too?
  • managed to purchase the Gaga pack, they've appeared in My Songs section but with a download cloud and if you click them it asks to purchase the song :(
  • And yes you get charged if you agree to it, am disappointed :(
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