Full Soundtrack Revealed

Hey guys!

We announced the full soundtrack at PAX Prime 2014 this afternoon. Check out the announcement here: http://www.harmonixmusic.com/blog/full-fantasia-song-list/

Would love to hear your thoughts on the final list! Discuss!


  • BeaversBeavers Opening Act
    edited September 2014
    The Flaming Lips - “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, Pt. 1”

    ...Really Harmonix? Like anyone really wanted to see this song again.

    Missy Elliot - “Get Ur Freak On”

    A pretty catchy song, but... Don't you think there might be a lot of censoring involved, since they swear a LOT in this song.

    Jimi Hendrix - “Fire”

    The one Jimi Hendrix song I actually like. :]
  • I really really wish there were more Disney songs in the game. I mean "Let It Go" is a good start but seriously. I would lose my mind if I could play "Gaston" or "Under the Sea" or one of the countless other Disney classics.

    Seriously, gang. DLC this asap. I like some of the choices you made but other than the actual Fantastia music, the ball seems kinda dropped with that sweet ass Disney branding.
  • BeaversBeavers Opening Act
    Has "Seven Nation Army" really been used that much? Though I do kind of agree it's the White Stripes most obvious song, but I haven't seen it in rhythm games besides GHWofR. [I know it's a DLC song for Rock Band, but I generally only count in-game songs.]
  • BeaversBeavers Opening Act
    Very well, you've made your point. :]
  • edited November 2014
    I really hope they release some DLC for Disney songs like "kiss the Girl" or "a whole new world" or "Hakuna Matata" or other DISNEY SONGS! what about anything from Fantasia 2000?
    Also maybe a classical pack? Some more Mozart (Requiem would be epic) even an abridged Beethoven's Fur Elise or moonlight sonata...

  • PunkocalypsePunkocalypse Unsigned
    edited December 2014
    Not that I will play it just my two cents how many times does a song have to be used before its too many seems annoying to repeatedly pick the same song which based on my narrow music interest rarely happens and when is Rock Band 4 coming out I will try my best to download the rest left in the music store till their unavailable but I'm just curious
  • Guessing RockBand 4 will be on XBOX ONE and PS4!
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