I cant load dance central spotlight, When i start the game It come back to dashboard and it s says Need update to play..... but there is no update !!!! I change my gamerpic... nothing work. I plug off my xbox one waited and reconnect everything nothing more.... I just bought a game that I cant play.... Thx you very much !


  • I am having the same exact issue as you. I even uninstalled the game and reinstalled it to see if that would work. Nothing. For me however, it doesn't tell me that I need an update. At the part in which it mentions how music downloads are not rated by the esrb, it will just go back to the dashboard. Completely disappointing to say the least.
  • Update: I came across this. Hope it helps you.

    Dance Central Spotlight will not start / crashes back to the dash
    Some users that set up their console profile on an earlier version of the operating system may have trouble launching Dance Central Spotlight. We are actively working on a fix that will address this problem in a future title update. To enjoy Dance Central Spotlight before this update, simply changing your profile picture to a different picture will fix the issue.

    To change your profile picture:
    1) Sign into the profile you want to use with Dance Central Spotlight.
    2) Select profile pane (column on the left).
    3) Select "My Profile".
    4) Select "Customize" > Select "Change Gamerpic".
    5) Select a different Gamerpic.
    6) Launch Dance Central Spotlight
    7) After successful launch you can change back to your original profile picture.
  • HMXchristineHMXchristine Harmonix Developer
    Hey folks. Did you try the solution listed above? And/or download the update released today? Did that solve your crash issue?
  • My DCS do not recognize the Kinect. I unistall and re install but its the same. I only can start with the controller, but then the Game stopped and says "Paused -- Lost player" When hit restart, it gives the same message. Stuck in this loop, cannot exit game, only can shut console off and restart and it does the same thing!! Help!!
    My kinect its perfect, its work.
  • @HMXChristine Tried this and am stuck on step 7 "after successful launch". It won't launch successfully please see
  • Knightwalker54Knightwalker54 Unsigned
    edited October 2014
    Here is the latest firmware version on the X-box One that might help Harmonix out

    OS Version 6.2.11653.0(xb_rel_1410.141009-1648) fre
  • Has anyone got a fix for this? I am having the same issue.
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