Have you lost save data in Dance Central Spotlight? Help us track down this issue



  • Harmonix employees really shouldn't post "fixes" that cause you to lose all of your data for other games as well as theirs.
  • My wife logged in to play tonight and her data synced with the cloud and her data for this game and others is back except for the dlc for Dance central. Dance Central is still making her go through the initial tutorial before she can choose songs every time. It remembers her progress once she gets to her songs but it makes her do the tutorial every time. This is very frustrating. Is there a fix for this bug yet?
  • I am very frustrated with this. I have tried all the fixes and can't keep any save information. Why isn't it fixed yet? My wife and I really want to play but I think the developers have forgotten about it. So how do I get a refund on the game and the songs I purchased? It sucks, I was really excited about this and thought it was amazing when the game was working. But if I have to play that stupid tutorial one more time, I'm going to break something. Why isn't there an option to skip it?
  • Is there any update to this? Because I'm so very tired of playing the tutorial Every.Single.Time I start the game. It keeps my collected moves and everything, but I STILL have to do the tutorial. During which the DJ says "You must have played this before!". YES. YES I HAVE YOU PIECE OF JUNK. Ready to ragequit and find a different game to exercise with. Please, please at least let us skip to menu. I beg you.
  • Having the very same issue. Need to play intro every time launching the game drove me nuts...
  • I lost my save data in Dance Central 3
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