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  • Just got a new Xbox and this game. It has crashed 3 times since we started it. Has taken all of the fun out of a new gaming system. Terrible game
  • bcpurshe said:

    Just got a new Xbox and this game. It has crashed 3 times since we started it. Has taken all of the fun out of a new gaming system. Terrible game

    At least for us, once you get most of the achievement pop-ups out of the should stop crashing. It is terrible to have it crash, but the game is actually really sweet and is my favourite Dance Central game to date. It is a pity that there are problems that plague the software, but Harmonix has been fairly open with progress and have been making great strides fixing issues.

    Don't give up. :)
  • Got this game on sale yesterday, and in about 3 hours of gameplay it has crashed at least a dozen times. Today alone, in a single hour it crashed four times. It is not correlated to achievements' unlocking, though that also seems to kill it. During a song, after a song, idling in a menu... this seems to happen any place and any time that the game is running. My wife was excited to pick up the base game and some DLC but if this keeps up I'll be contacting Microsoft for a refund.
  • Hi,

    you made a great kinect game. My kids and I play often together or the compete with each other.
    BUT the game is crashing quite often in multiplayer. I would say it crashes 1 out of 2-3 multiplayer games. That's way too often. We already tried to change all the gamerpics, but it has not helped.
    Please work on this issue and provide us a fix. Currently the crashes destroy all the fun we have (in muliplayer).
  • Hi,

    First sorry for my bad english, but I try write without Google Translate

    Well, lets start.
    I have the Xbox One. When I play the CDS, i connect my profile e my wife her profile. Starting the game no have errors, I connect my profile into the game and she her profile. Ok. But we play a one music, normally two musics for the crashes happening.
    When this happening, I or she got yellow cards of movements, collection cards?! ( I dont see the correct name because my son playing now). I have the problem in all levels, of beginner at pro. But this bug the happening with a two profiles.
  • Love the game, the only reason to why I wanted an Xbox One for Christmas. But I am having the same issues with frequent crashes when two users are signed in. Family members giving up on dancing with me :-( Please, please fix it.

    Anyone knows if change of gamerpics helps this issue?
  • Right, still haven't gotten around to find a fix for this.

    But in any case, this happens even before the achievements appear, sometimes during the start of the game, choosing a song or playing the song.

    The only workaround I did to play with friends was to have one account signed in and have the other player as a guest account. But this doesn't really solve this. Any chance this will be fixed soon?
  • I finally got around to playing this with my little one and what a bummer to see her all excited and then have this garbage crash on us over and over. I dont know what happened over there but It's January!
  • Same problem with crashes. Both in multiplayer and single player. Once or twice a freeze when 'mousing' a song in the Store or in 'my songs'. 6-8 freezes in 2 hours of playing with 3 profiles signed in.
  • I got the same issue, Game was crashed when I've played multiplayer mode. Any update or fix from harmonix?

    I hope the dev team focus on this issue.
  • Having the same issues here, pretty disappointed.

    The glitches for us are not hard to trigger, I can't really see why this has taken 5 months(!) to fix!?

    All issues occur with two people within the game. I have seen:
    • Game freeze completely with stutter and repeated sound when two people are signed in and both playing, seems to occur randomly, though seems more probable when one player gets an achievement.
    • Game freeze completely when one person is playing the game and another is in the room in sight of the kinect.
    • Game finishes after two people have played and completed a song and the screen fades to black, does not load the next screen and plays music in background.
    I have never played a song with two people when something hasn't hard locked the game and you have to quit the game manually and reload, it seems pretty easy to reproduce...
  • jayt0302jayt0302 Rising Star
    Jessa, any update on this issue? Had to buy Just Dance for the kids and I hate it!! I've been supporting you guys since Rock Bands release. Any idea when this will be cleared up so we can buy some more DLC?
  • How can this still be an issue? This is crazy! It's been since what? September 2014 and it's still not fixed! WTF!?

    I am so disappointed in this game! I loved Dance Central on XBox 360! I was super excited about playing it on the XBox One much to my disappointment! What the hell is going on??? How can it possibly take this long to fix?? I do not understand???

    I have purchased so many songs just to play in multiplayer mode and it crashes right away!

    Please fix this issue!!
  • ZhitZhit Unsigned
    DCS crashes for me within 10 minutes of play--every time. Not even sure if it related to multiplayer or just folks walking around the room while someone plays.

    Dance Central is amazing to me for one reason. It is the only game that I know of that women that don't play any games will jump in and play. With the added perk that most the times the ladies do a better job and actually win. Add a little booze and things can be really, really fun. Problem is-now I put an Xbox One in the party room--and Dance Central Spotlight just doesn't work. It will crash at the loading screen for the game, at the loading screen for a song, in the middle of a song.

    Perhaps it does have to do with multiplayer. But I suspect the problem is more with the kinect. I have noticed users getting mixed up all the time. Folks will be playing, someone the kinect recognizes moves in the room--the Xbox gives the "Hi" message and suddenly the person dancing is no longer the guest or person they were--but that new person the kinect just saw...

    Whatever the problem is--DCS is frustrating unplayable.

    Do you have you QA guys locked away in a wiring closet somewhere? Maybe move them into the lobby or break room--some place where there is lots of foot traffic. Might help to replicate the problem in-house.
  • I already gave up this game.
    Now, I am playing Just Dance 2015.
    At least, it doesn't crash!!
  • ScribeJCScribeJC Unsigned
    Yeah, I was hoping that the recent update helped crashing, but it seems it was only to add the Borderlands characters (wait, Claptrap has no legs! How do I...?). We still -- since day one -- get crashes when:

    >playing multiplayer
    >with two Xbox Live sign-ins
    >when receiving an achievement

    Solo is great and my wife works out to it -- loves it.
    Multiplayer is okay if someone unknown to the Xbox steps in as a guest (no achievements).
    The killer is when we have an Xbox player visiting our house who wants to check the game out and signs in with their Live account and starts getting all those starting-out achievements. About half of the achievements crash the game with a huge buzz -- especially the ones you get when the song is over.

    Note that any visitor experiencing this crash is a potential Dance Central buyer for their system at home -- one person even considered getting a Kinect just for Dance Central (which is really hard to find since Microsoft threw the peripheral under the bus).

    I realize that your market for this game got slammed the minute Microsoft backpedaled on Kinect, but we hope you will continue to back the game for the fans that are still enjoying it.

  • Last post to this problem was on March 24, 2015. Is there still no solution to this problem? Today is May 3, 2015.
  • TheEnderTheEnder Unsigned

    Last post to this problem was on March 24, 2015. Is there still no solution to this problem? Today is May 3, 2015.

    Yeah, tried it last night with my daughter and constant freezing/crashing - mostly when two achievements popped, but not every time; when selecting a different character, and when selecting a different song. Can't believe this has been an issue this long and still no fix. I have no intention of getting Rock Band 4 if this is the kind of support they give now, we'll be sticking with RB3 on the 360.
  • ATN_LRATN_LR Unsigned
    I bought an xbox one this month just to play this game. It's very good, but it also freezes all the time in multiplayer. (just the game, not the whole Xbox One. I can still go back to the dashboard and everything works properly). I thought for a while that my xbox was faulty, but the other 2 games I've got never froze, so it's on DC side.

    Here the bug's symptoms:

    The game freezes or stop behaving properly (menus stop responding).

    It exclusively happens in multiplayer when browsing the song selection menus of the routine selection menu after having browsed the song selection menu or after a dance.

    Here's some repro steps to very easily reproduce it (100% of the time on my system):

    - Start Dance Central (the main player is already logged in to his xbox account).
    - Open the select song menu.
    - Open the xbox dashboard.
    - Go in the account menu.
    - Add a new xbox account.
    - Go back to the game.
    - Boom.

    It also happens when a new player is detected (I have the option to auto detect a player with the Kinect turned on) or when an achievement is done. Again, the freeze/crash/misbehavior happens as soon as I go back to the menus, not when a song is being played (as in players are actually dancing). It only happen in multiplayer.

    We often play by alternating (3 players or more rotating to the dancer positions) and when we do, the game freezes (or behaves improperly) almost every time after a song. Captain obvious would suggest that some memory data is corrupted when a xbox account is added/removed/modified.

    This bug is very frustrating (I'm getting a bit sick of explaining to my guests that the game is still fun despite the frequent freezes :)). There is no clearer showstopper than this. It should have never made it to the release.

    *Otherwise, good job development team! The game is super fun and the movement detection is very good, I'm impressed!

  • Just got a new Xbox One for the dancing games and so disappointed that this game is unplayable. We didn't even get through one song and after 3 more reboots and freezes just trying to play the game we've given up and won't play it again until this gets fixed. We'll play Just Dance instead which isn't as good as it doesn't have selectable difficulty levels like this game. Two of us playing and yes we're both signed in and recognised by Kinect.
  • Is a temporary fix for the game to remove all the achievements from the game software so that unlocking them doesn't crash it? And when you've fixed it properly you can add them back in?
  • DatacideDatacide Unsigned
    Shark75 said:

    Is a temporary fix for the game to remove all the achievements from the game software so that unlocking them doesn't crash it? And when you've fixed it properly you can add them back in?

    Yeah, this has been an issue for a LONG time now. I'm starting to think this issue won't be fixed, the communication and updates from Harmonix seemed to have stopped. Hopefully they'll fix it but I'm not holding my breath now, this issue and the SLOW loading of songs (with lots of songs in your inventory) when initially booted have plagued the game for a long time now.

    However, I can say that if you do put up with the crashes while playing it will eventually stop. Once you clear out the bulk of the achievements, the game will be stable for most people. I've had the game since launch and it doesn't take too long to clear out most of the achievement for two people. It is still super annoying until you get to this point, but there is an end in sight. I haven't seen an achievement for a long time now (6 months?).

    The game is fantastic and I dance every day. It makes me a little sad though that people see a broken game initially when they first get it and dance with multiple people.

  • .... still not fixed... I am looking forward to go through most of the achievements :-|

    And reporting a bug for Dance Central Spotlight is blocked from the site. Great approach by Harmonix...

  • When there are two profiles logged in, the second one is not acknowledged on the movements screen. Therefore, you can't play the game because it doesn't "see" you. I've gone through all the steps with XBox support and the kinect is working fine, the xbox is working fine, the accounts are fine, the game has been deleted and re-downloaded and every time, the same thing happens. I could wave and jump and go crazy in front of the kinect and it doesn't see me. Please don't give up on solving this problem.
  • 2017. X-Box One S and the Kinnect with all the crazy wires to make it work. Child dancing in single player mode. Has not made it though one song yet as the games seizes up with a loud stutter. 3x in a row and I'm on the forums and not hopeful.
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