Available Today: Single by Disclosure plus more Legacy Tracks!

Today we have another hot new song for Dance Central Spotlight players! You can now download "Latch" by Disclosure ft. Sam Smith for $1.99. We’ve also got four legacy tracks returning from three awesome lady artists. Check them all out below and get dancing!

Completely New To Dance Central
“Latch” –Disclosure ft. Sam Smith
[BUY IT HERE] : https://store.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/Dlc/Latch/92fc8cce-5a0e-4156-8b6a-53d5d6ff1b47

Legacy Packs Released This Week
Fergie Fan Pack 01
“London Bridge” –Fergie
“Fergalicious” –Fergie ft. will.i.am

Legacy Singles Released This Week
“London Bridge” –Fergie
“Fergalicious” –Fergie ft. will.i.am
“Hollaback Girl” –Gwen Stefani
“We Run This” –Missy Elliot

[Buy songs for Dance Central Spotlight here!]: https://store.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/Games/Dance-Central-Spotlight/37c898af-1d5f-4f38-a9e8-c7d669ff7abc


  • Any update on how to get these for free if they have already been purchased for Dance Central on Xbox 360? All of these are showing full price for me (on the website, in the game, and in the Smartglass app).
  • If anyone has actually been able to download already purchased DLC from 360 onto their Xbox One, please post. It's great HMX is releasing previous DLC. It's not great for HMX to tell it's customers they can download this previous DLC for free when the cannot.
  • 42 days since launch. Keep releasing new songs with legacy tracks ... but don't actually tell anyone any real detail about the problem affecting the vast majority of users - where is the fix for downloading legacy tracks we previously purchased?

    I have yet to purchase a single new track and I have no intention of doing so until this legacy issue is fixed. I guess someone somewhere can maybe prioritize fixing the overall legacy issue rather than releasing new legacy tracks that we can't get as expected? Perhaps?
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