Someone still playing Beatles Rock Band on PS3?

I'm still playing it, but for a few trophies I need a full band.


  • I still play, add me on PSN: roberto_neto_br
  • ps3 id- spookyjames
  • i still play sometimes, PSN is Victormanx
    also do some RB3 from time to time, but i don't play online that much, i need some heads up
    for the "session day"
  • calloycalloy Unsigned
    i usually play when i see a friend online before starting rockband
  • Heck yeah, I play just about 8 days a week, XD I'm in a beatles coverband with a few of mah bros, I'm just about as top-notch as it gets, add me up! :D

    PSN: fricken8ball - :P it doesn't let you start with a number so i just put fricken in front of it
  • Message if want to play (because i dont play too much)
    ID: paul878eduardo
  • I play usually around 5 times a week
    PSN: Bryn_5000
  • I still play. Have some trophies left to get!

    add me: gugacavalieri on psn
  • I still play once in a while:

    PSN: Legoaaron222
  • Yes, the thread is old, but I will put my name into the hat. My wife and I can be convinced to play TB:RB vocals from time to time. We are still ranked #1 overall in harmonies the last time I checked (and 2nd on the band leaderboard), but I'll play other instruments. Please say that you are looking for a Beatles Rock Band band member when sending a friend request, or I may ignore it.


    PSN: gershwin_27
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    My friend gave me this when he gave me rock band 2 and 3. So i play it to. I dint know you can still play this one online which is nice. I like playing rock band 3 online. But i only play on medium :(
  • Hi guys .Love to play beatles rock band online... Add me : fabiodias_vspp . See ya.
  • Need a drummer? Add me Bob_4_Bmw
  • I play sometimes. I love the songs, I wish the DLC was available for PS4's rock band 4.
  • PSN ID is deyvaughn38
  • I'm a pretty good drummer if you need one! psn:L_G1407
  • Some of u need to adjust your privacy settings. Psn won't let me add some of you because of this. Just send me a friend request if you don't care to change whatever setting is preventing from adding u. PSN ID- spookyjames
  • My user name is GoldieJ23. I sing and play guitar.
  • Beatles Rock Band is my favorite game and yet nobody is ever online when I play. EVER!

    PLEASE add me anyone....everyone.

    MissDjanjo (formerly MissDjango). I play guitar and bass. I can drum or sing if needed.
  • Add PSN ID: tobi-chiata
    play guitar and triple vocals
  • Ik this is old but I sometimes play it but if anyone wants to play it at any time I'll still play it. My psn is JASONXmilbauer. I mostly play rb4 but I'll still play Beatles if u want.
  • I still playing and looking for players. My psn is rafael_sallo
  • bb1151bb1151 Unsigned
    i play it on ps3 now pm me if you want to add me also been trying to get back into it
    im on vocals only as of right now easy/medium as i said its been awhile since i played on a wii
  • Me too.I play It a lot. Add me fabiodias_vspp
  • bb1151bb1151 Unsigned
    ok i will
  • Any one want to play this game. I know no one plays it any more but i can play most songs on expert guitar/bass. Username: Sparkypost
  • I need help with the multiplayer trophies. Any help would be appreciated!

    PSN ID: ViperLance34
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