Hang after completing first song

I'm playing on the XBox 360 and went through the tutorial and got pushed into the first song, Message in a Bottle where I'm supposed to get 25 Sweep Cues. After the song ends, I got way more than that, and now the screen locks up with "Goal Complete: Sweep Cues" on the screen and the saving spiral in the upper-right corner.

I shut off the XBox, started it all back up again and it loads me back into the first song. Again, I played it and got the same hang. The game is installed on the hard drive and I've been choosing the Play Game mode.

Anyone else? Any ideas on what I can do to fix it? I suppose I could try just not playing the story mode and just try songs...

BTW, the first song was quite fun to play and I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy the game as long as I can get it working!


  • A few more tries here and it hangs on every "Goal Complete" screen. After rebooting the XBox 360, it appears sometimes the Save is successful and the video plays going to the next area, then promptly hangs again after I finish playing the next song.

    Right now, I've played the song to try and get the moon twice and have not been able to get to the next area so it was hanging before the save was successful.

    I also thought maybe I could just play in the Song mode but when I tried it, it said it wasn't unlocked yet.
  • Yep, happening to me too. Doesn't seem to be a disc problem.
  • Hey there - this is a known issue. The team is currently working on a patch. Take your console offline and give it another go. Should resolve the issue as a temporary fix until we can deploy the patch. Thanks!
  • Oh, bless you Amgo! <3 :D
  • Good - same thing is happening for me as well. Glad to hear it`s being looked into.
  • HsithHsith Unsigned
    Came here to report this. Glad they're working on it. Thanks Amgo.

    Btw. the game is AMAZING.
  • Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear it is being worked on!
  • rkbdgurlrkbdgurl Road Warrior
    I'm sad. My game seems to be very glitchy too. I'm not online with my xbox, so won't be able to get the patch. I guess I'll be returning it to the store. That's really unfortunate too, as I was really enjoying playing when It would let me. Oh well...back to Rock Band for me, which is fine, but I was very much looking forward to this new challenge from HMX.
  • That's too bad. With the patch, the game works just fine. But I see your point, the game shouldn't have been shipped broken to begin with.
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