The plant - BUG - Missy Elliot song not completing

So there i go, Played the whole song already three times. the song never complete at the end. it never happens that you get your score recapitulation or anything. it just hang there. only possibility you have to to go back after having paused the game. and that's it.
is someone else having this issue? all other songs are playing well as it is the last song i need to play with all three mixes (all others have been done)

thanks for your feedback


  • ok guys, slight update.. i finally found a way.
    here is how i did.. playing the first part until i unlocked the mix. then i completely stopped playing until the end of the song and surprisingly it did work? strange though..
  • I have the same problem. I'll try this when I get home tonight - thanks! Wish me luck!
  • No luck... Thanks though!
  • Hi, I have the same issue, it just sits there saying goal complete, but won't finish. I'm playing downloaded version.
  • I tried elperplexo's method, no luck
    edited February 2015
    Tried it too, no luck. Harmonix please fix this, ill never be able to complete the game 100%.
  • We had a heck of a time trying to reproduce the issue here, but one thing that may work is dropping your calibration setting down to 40 via menu option.
  • I had this issue, tired this song 4 times and would never complete. I changed my sync calibration from 60 to 40 and it now works! This is a fix. There should be an update to allow any song to complete on any setting because there will be many others with this issue not on this forum.
  • Errm... did these folks submit which hardware they were using...? Wondering if it's an XBox1 vs XBox360 issue, as I can't replicate the problem myself. I have an Xbox 360 and haven't had any problems, although granted, my sync is on -10 since I'm a total spazz.

    Given @izzaman 's response, though, I think +60 might just be too far out in terms of calibration window. The 360 version only goes to +50, so I assume that izzaman uses an Xbox1 unit. Maybe the max delay should be set at +50 on Xbox1, if that's the case....
  • Hey everyone, just wanted to say that I had this same issue, but once I lowered my calibration to 40, it for SOME REASON all of a sudden decided to work. So glad to put that behind me, and hopefully people having this issue see this.
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