Uploads to YouTube needs improvement & one other thing

So the game has an option to save your gameplay and upload the video to YouTube. That sounds great except that when you download to YouTube it goes not into your account, but the Disney Fantasia Music Evolved Channel. Now, that wouldn't be so bad if you could easily find your video and share it with others. However, that's not the case. Your video has absolutely no identifier that you are the player other than a randomly generated code. There's lots of videos on there already and it's only going to get harder to find as more videos are uploaded.

I mean really? Be sure to write that code down or else! I would have loved it if we could show our gameplay with the option to record ourselves in a little box so we could see ourselves waving our hands in the air (probably look silly, but that's what it's about isn't it?). Now that would have made other people want to buy this game. The uploads as is, don't really convey how fun this game is to play.

Harmonix, please do this! Also the play to unlock stuff, really not a good idea (unless you find the party mode option!). Dance Central 3 took this away and Rock Band 3 never had this. Those games just let you play the songs you wanted right off the bat. Please stop doing unlocks. We just want to play the songs we want. I like the story mode, but that shouldn't be required for me to play the songs I want outside of party mode.

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