Need help with completing Voicebox

I am trying to complete the Voicebox in The Press, it is a minigame that appears after you finish Yoshimi. You need to connect sparks from three fuses with the muse to create a voice sample, there are four sets of fuses that need to be completed. I just wasted 30 minutes and managed to get three of the sets completed, but absolutely cannot get the fourth set done. I can get sparks connected between the lowest two fuses when on the far right, but cannot get a spark to come from the upper fuse. The only way I can get a spark from the upper fuse is to go to the far left, but I can't maintain the spark and travel back to the right side. I thought something may have been corrupt, so quit out and then tried again. I couldn't even get the first set completed this time. This is the worst experience of my gaming history (which goes back to the 70s) -- the minigame is painfully inconsistent/unrepeatable/temperamental and there seems to be no way to complete it. Help!


  • I found that slowly moving my body right or left depending on where the fuses were... helped align them better.
    Remember that to bring the muse as close to a central point between all the required fuses... you'll need to move your hand closer or further from the tv, thus pushing the muse deeper or shallower on the screen.

    Hope that helps. It's how I got it! :smile:
  • Thanks, Zenzuki! I'll give that a try tonight. Maybe the pushing/pulling thing is what I was doing wrong, I didn't realize this motion was needed (the tip screen that comes up just says to wave your hand to move the muse).
  • I finally got through with Zenzuki's advice. Still struggled with the last set of fuses. While to the far right where you see all three neon green fuses, no matter how much I pushed/pulled to change the size of muse, the top fuse would not connect. Muse kept popping when it got to a medium size. I went all the way to the left and noticed I could get the muse much larger without it popping. So once it was large, I moved to the right and the fuses finally connected.

    I absolutely love this game, but Voicebox is a total stinker.
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