Great game, Harmonix! One question about A/V settings (washed-out picture quality)

Finally finished a big move to a house with a large area to play Kinect games. I love this game, however I've immediately noticed that after the initial start screen, the entire game has a faded/washed-out image quality. The colors and blacks aren't vibrant and dark like the boot-up image (or, compared to all other content on the console). I've tried this on both of my Xbox One consoles, on two different HDTVs, with the same results. It's mostly noticeable because of how much of the game (at the beginning?) features those vast star-fields behind the interactive graphics. Unfortunately, the deep dark space is more gray and flat, in appearance.

I looked on the forum to see if anyone else had addressed this, so I apologize if I missed it. The only other place I'd found this issue mentioned was in online reviews. Any chance there is a fix in the works? Thank you again, for this unique experience. :-)


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    I created an account just to bring this issue to attention. Yes the colors look very washed out. The blacks are grey and the colors are not vibrant. My Xbox One color space settings are TV (RGB Limited), and it is connected to a Panasonic plasma TV with RGB Limited setting as well. The home screen and every other game has deep blacks, so this issue is specific to Fantasia.
  • Thanks! I keep hoping for a response, or an update. One of my HDTVs is also a Panasonic plasma (the other is a Sony Bravia), so if I'm not seeing rich colors and dark black on the Panny ... then I know there's an issue. In the meantime, the game is still fun to play. But, it just doesn't appear to represent what the artists wanted us to see.
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    I thought it would have just been me, so it's good to see it affects others too. Strange it hasn't been picked up and patched yet?

    Anyway to fix out the washed out look I had to set my display settings to PC (full I believe) to get rid of the washed out image, but after doing that all other games get their display settings messed up and so to play them I have to set it back to TV.
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