Player lost

Who can help i have this game now for 1 month, and i can not play it.

I have all ready don a re-install, but it is Always the same: Player Lost.

In other games the Kinect works oke.


  • Helloooooo SUPPORT ????? :#
  • Same issue with no support on a fix.
  • Hey guys, this is a peer support form, as mention in the forum description! if you're needing direct help from Harmonix, feel free to send us a support ticket over at ! We'll start investigating this issue internally though and see what our team can figure out
  • Any updates or suggestions on this issue?

    Dance central spotlight on xbox one not working. Game doestn't recognize any player movements, just says "player lost".

  • I just bought this game and am having the issue, I have not been able to play the game at all. It starts to load the two song tutorial and then goes to the player lost screen and the only thing I can do from there is turn off the game and restart, same things happens every time. I expect a refund if I am going to be unable to play this game.
  • I am having the same there a fix for this? I've submitted a support ticket but have not heard anything!!!
  • Same issue here, just curious if anyone else has their Kinect hooked up to the USB 3 port using the windows Kinect adapter from Microsoft. I think that's why Kinect won't see me in DCS, even though it sees me in every other game or app. I even bought Fantasia Music Evolved when it was on sale to see if another Harmonix game would work with Kinect in this configuration and it does work without a problem, so it's just DCS that has a problem. It's a bummer because DCS is pretty much the main reason I bought a Kinect for my XB1.
    Tried putting in a ticket months ago, they got back to me after a few weeks answering the question as if it were Xbox 360 talking about the Kinect calibration card. Ticket site keeps screwing up on me now and not letting me put in a new ticket, finish button disappears when I click on it...
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