Fender Squier PRO GUITAR - 22nd Fret Crash BUG FIX

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After much frustration since upgrading to the Squier after having owned the Mustang for the past 12 months I tried searching high and low for an answer to this problem to absolutely no avail.

For those who are unaware of this problem, it is caused when the player taps/touches the 22nd fret on the High E string (purple/thinnest gauge), whether that note is prompted to be played or not (for example if you just touch at at the start of the highway) it will 100% everytime lockup and freeze your xbox to the point the only way to recover it is by turning off, back on, reloading RB3, waiting for your songlist to load etc.

Im pleased to say for the small minority out there (hats off to you all) who continue to play Pro Guitar, I have a solution to share with you.


1. If Rock Band 3 is already loaded, go to your dashboard and restart the game, otherwise, step one...start Rock Band 3.
2. Enable "Indiv Track Speeds and Chord Numbering" in Modifiers (this MAY be optional, but this is a step I always take, you can experiment)
3. Go to Choose Songs
4. Select your Filter (back button) and sort by "Date Aquired" "Pro Guitar Support - YES" and "Song Source - Rock Band 3"
5. Press Y on "Foolin'" and select Practice Mode.
6. Select "Solo A and Solo B"
7. Play the solo to the best of your abilities, if you physically cant play most of it due to your level, just make sure your trying to hit that 22nd fret near the end of Solo B
8. Let the practice loop finish so it registers, when it loops for another try, press start and back to menu
9. Play "Foolin" full song from start to end, ensuring you get to the final scoreboard and press A to register it
10. Press Y on "Humanoid" and select Practice Mode
11. Select "Verse 1B" it is the phrase before "Chorus 3" and this buggy lick contains a 22nd fret (the very last note in the phrase)
12. As before, play to the best of your abilities, ensure you hit that 22nd fret on the very last note
13. Again, like before, let the track finish its first loop, on the second, press start and back to menu
14. And yet again like before, Play "Humanoid" full song from start to end, ensuring you see the finalscore and register it by pressing A to go back to song choice
15. DONE!

You can now enjoy every single song in your list without the fear of having it lock up on you!... well, until you have to reload the game again, then you must do the above steps unless you are going to tell yourself not to play the 22nd fret ever again.

From now on, every song including DLC which previously affected you with this extremely game breaking and annoying bug should now be washed away, but remember, if you close the game for the day and load it up again, your going to have to go through these steps in that exact order.

A few final notes to add for extra reading if you care to know more details about what I found on testing this for a solution. (For the record, this took me 2 weeks of constant playing about with different logical approaches, and at least 100 xbox crashes, I didn't count the headaches and near broken guitar...)

- If you play/practice another song apart from Foolin' as your first song, it will still crash. You will notice that you can practice Foolin' but this time, when you go to play the full track, it will crash upon selection of your instrument difficulty

- On "Foolin" even though the 22nd fret is not anywhere within Solo A, do not be tempted to try speeding things up by only practicing Solo B section... this has been tried, and it results in a crash still. Be sure not to take shortcuts, and practice the full solo A and B!

- Even when following these steps, try to avoid the temptation to try hitting your 22nd fret before its neccessary i.e. when the game prompts you to. I have had a couple of occassions where the game crashed out when I tried to get too ahead of myself

- If you don't let the first run of the practice track finish its loop, so that it starts it over again, before backing to the menu, the steps will not work and your console will continue to crash

- You cannot skip the practice track sections of the above 2 songs, if you do this, the console will 100% crash when you play the 22nd note in the full song

- You cannot do Humanoid as the first song in the sequence, and NO, you cannot combine any 2 songs with licks that contain a 22nd fret, I have tried all combinations of songs, it will always result in a crash.

- This bug also affects some songs not just with the 22nd fret, but anything above 17. I have even had it happen on universal songs (same chart for mustang/squier) such as "The Con" whereby it will just crash at the instrument difficulty selection. Even songs that do not go above fret 17 such as "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" will 100% crash if you touch the 22nd fret (for example by mistake when grabbing your guitar by the neck) unless you perform the above steps.

- I have noticed that sometimes Foolin' will just freeze at the instrument select screen after you have finished the solo practice. If this happens, (it happened like 5 times in a row for me) I followed the steps above, but when in practice mode i simply slid from 1-22 up and down a few times and immediately quit the practice mode, then it let me play the full song, to which to test I just slid from 1-22 up and down at the start of the song, if it doesn't lock up at this point your on the right track! (do the same for humanoid, and I didnt need to finish playing the whole foolin' song, I quit it after halfway)

If I find anything else I may come back and add it to the post, like I said, this is obviously aimed at a small minority, but you know what, if it helps at least one person out there who is about to lose their mind over the constant crashing then It was a post well worth typing up.

And last of all, I really cannot explain why we must do this to stop the console crashing, and I also dont know why it must be those 2 songs that are registered as being the first 2 practiced and played, my best guess is:

1. Practice mode registers the initial use of the 22nd fret
2. When playing the full song it doesnt freeze, because you proved to the game that you do infact have a 22nd fret on your guitar and you proved that you have played that lick before and it is possible
3. Why it must be those 2 songs in that order I don't know (they are probably the cause of the whole problem to begin with??)

I should note that I play Expert only, so I cannot guarantee this will work on any other difficulties (but it should hopefully!)

And obviously dont forget to re-filter your songlist (disable RB3 only songs) once you have completed the bugfix, just incase you think your DLC has done a runner on you!

Hope this helps some dudes out there get their rock on all night long!


  • I have yet to find this out, I have heard some people saying its happened to them on PS3, but theres a guy over at scorehero said he will try his out on PS3 and report back to me.
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