Goal Star achievement-problem with Scout's song?

I have had an issue with Scout's song. The goal 'almost perfect' asks you to hit all the cues outside of the composition spells.

Twice I have now got 100% and gold notes but each time the games says I only hit 221/224 notes outside of the composition spells!
How can this be possible if I have 100% the song and have gold notes???

Anyone else had this problem??


  • It has actually took me a while to figure out that you have to complete each cue completely and have the right timing. So, for example, path cues, you need to not miss any part of it in order for it to count. In order to know that you fully completed a sweep cue, you need to see a lot of particles to be flying out of the cue. Hold cues you have to sweep and hold it in order to successfully get it. It took me so long because of this to complete the goal.
  • i just did it myself. the trick is the path cues. you have to pay close attention that each segment of the path bursts into sparkles. if it just fades away then you missed a piece. my advice is to start each path with your arm far away from your body so you have room to follow the whole shape of the path. make sure to keep up with the speed. it did take me a couple tries, but once i realized i had to take extra care on the paths, it was no big deal. definitely not glitched, just very hard. honestly i feel like this game should have en expert mode!
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