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I figured with BF4 out and BF:Hardline around the corner, now would be a good time to start a thread.

And to kick things off, here's what it's like playing with Witt and Meat. :p


  • That is EXACTLY what I look like when I play Battlefield ... without Lawdog. With him on party chat, I can figure out immediately what buttons do what and I am no longer the worst soldier on the battlefield. Hooray!
  • Did anyone buy the Premium version? I meant to, but the order didn't go through. The people that originally spent $60 for the base game and another $50 for the upgrade claim it was worth it even at that price ... as long as you have friends that also have it. Also, many state that "Hardline" is going to be a very different game and that they expect most people will stick with BF4 for another year instead.
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    I didn't. I don't know if I'll buy it, I haven't decided. I'm really enjoying the base game, I may buy a DLC or two. But I would imagine that even if Hardline is different, as long as it's fun, I'll play it more. If it's not, I can always go back to BF4 and get the rest.
  • I figure I have until Tuesday morning to decide for sure, before the sale ends. I am very unlikely to get the premium version at this point, in fact I'd only consider it if one of the Crew snagged it too.

    It's only because I have the basic version on disc (which I could then sell) that I'm even considering it. But of course, I should have sold my Destiny disc weeks ago, but still haven't because where could I do it that wouldn't lose me 30% in fees (eBay) or get me totally ripped off by a drugged-up scammer (Craigslist)?
  • Wait till Target does another trade deal. I got 40 for it plus a GTA trade credit which practically paid for far cry and gtav. I'll keep you on the word bro.
  • That would be great, I've never actually heard about these deals before except through you [after they have ended?].
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    Someone needs to remind me there's a share button now when I squeal with delight on the mic.

    I got three back to back head shots last night as recon at 326.2 meters. That's over three football fields away. And they were from a unsupported kneeling with the M40A5.

    Now if I can just find some Germans in a bell tower.

  • I think I'd do really well in a war game that played more like that scene. Something like an 8 hour session (with 5 minute breaks every hour) where, when you die, you stay dead. Not the frenetic suicidal charges that make up most games. More like, scout out the location, use your cover, move forward only when you have support, etc. Long periods of no action, followed by sudden terror when you finally encounter an enemy.

    Actually what that reminds me of most of all is a poker tournament.
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    The new Rainbow Six game is going back to that original formula. Once you're dead, you can't respawn. However, it's supposed to move the player into a surveillance position so they'll still have something to do until the end of the round. It's only 5 on 5 players though.
  • I am in for Hardline...

    No clue what I did with my BF4 disc dammit.

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    Is it still for sale on the PSN? It was $12.
  • yep

    Just about to buy it

  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    Buy it Doc!

    With You, I, Witt, Meat, STM, and Rex we'll be unstoppable and can spread communism everywhere! Unless we're on the other team. Then, yay capitalism!
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    I bought the premium ($20 this week only) so now I got a bajillion more maps and weapons.

    We need to get together and play soon. That way we can all watch as Witt almost gets run over by a giant battleship .
  • I think I'm running out of HD space already. What's the best 2TB SSD option out there?
  • I was safely sniping all the Chinamen... Asians? When I saw a massive ship run into that lighthouse. But yeah I got the premium too! Now I'm cool as a Fonzie!
  • I think I'm running out of HD space already. What's the best 2TB SSD option out there?

    Have you tried deleting games you no longer play or sold?
  • Since I saw Rainbow Six come up in this thread and that seems more my speed of game, have y'all seen this game that's in super-early-alpha called Due Process? If the new Rainbow Six is half as interesting it'll be great.

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    The individual DLC's do need to downloaded, contrary to word on the street.

    And I'm totally looking forward to the new R6, Azure. I love the "one mistake and it's over" style.
  • Did not know this. Will download when I get home. I admit one if my many flaws.
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    I found out when I tried to play one of the DLC exclusive modes. And as usual, there's no easy screen to go to. You have to go into the store and DL each individually. If you've bought the premium, it'll say "free" next to them.

    I'll be down to play some tomorrow for those interested.
  • Maybe I might be having a get together with friends tomorrow. If not I'll be in.
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    It's going down, all welcome!
  • DIdn't get home until 1 and I was too wiped out to play. Anything today / later tonight? Is there still going to be a Rock Band online play event this weekend at some point?
  • I can be on. And actually for the first time ever I got a hilarious gameplay out of Battlefield. It'll pop up during my February madness.
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    Anyone down?
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    431.5 meters is my new best for a long distance headshot. The bullet's in your court, Witt. :p
  • Uh I'm a shot gunner now. Can you compete with my shortest kill distance?
  • Hey today is the release of Battlefield Hardline Beta! I decided to move up my Battlefield 4 video to correlate with its release. Enjoy just one of the many dumb adventures Lawdog and I have had in this game. In this adventure Lawdog and I make the most unlikely capture in history. We were literally swarmed with tanks and enemy soldiers while trapped in a convenience store. Enjoy the hilarity and panic!

  • Battlefield 4™ Premium Edition - 23.99 .....Is this a good buy? I missed the December sale.
    Is there a MORE premium version? like a Premium Deluxe Platinum HD Remastered Premium Expanded version.
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