• Premium edition is all maps even DLC. Season pass is normally 50 bucks. Yes it's a good deal.
  • So the moral of the story is if you have PSN+ you should never buy a game brand new unless you just gotta have it.
  • That's the moral of practically every game ever invented.
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    If your going to get it you better before todays update.
  • WitticusWitticus VERY DEEP
    edited February 2015
    Sony's taking their sweet ass time. I was hoping to have Hardline at least downloading before I headed off to work.
  • Sonuvabich...missed it again. Downloading BF Hardline beta now.
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    BF4 will go on sale again before the release of Hardline. And the two games should be different enough to were people will still play both.
  • I finished the download before I had work. When I get back at 12 est. I can play. That's 9 or 10 for somebody.
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    My download will take a couple days. I do have 3/5 BF4 packs though.
  • Awesome if you're in at 9pm.
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    I'll be around. The Hardline DL is being sneaky. It initially was listed at 11 gigs, now it's only 2.77. I have a feeling it'll be one of those "You can only play the loading screen" things.
  • Yes it is. It's essentially a 2 gig download for the loading screen.
  • It has Death Grips so GOTY
  • Ready to go on the Beta...when we gonna try this out?
  • I'm around tonight if the freaking party chat system doesn't make me rage quit first.
  • LOL....yeah I stayed on and played some GTA online til I rage quit when it dropped me with one guy left to go to complete the gig.
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    I still have about 8 gigs to go so I can't play Hardline till tomorrow. You guys can go on without me though.
  • the Beta? only took about 8 hours for mine
  • I can't leave my battle buddy behind. Whose gonna shoot the guy who killed me!?
  • Meat-PopsicleMeat-Popsicle Road Warrior
    edited February 2015
    I should download it so I can jump right in when I'm fully healthy. Plus all the goodies that go with my Premium BF4 purchase. I need a new HD!
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    BattleField Hardline Beta tonight! Everyone welcome! Free booze and enchaladas!*

    *On my end only.
  • Apparently the beta got extended to today! Anyone wanna play tonight? Here's a reminder how much fun it is!
  • Awesome, I thought I had missed out. I'm in for sure.
  • It's 11 gigs be ready
  • All downloaded, just haven't had time to play [until yesterday, when no one else was on, so I had an epic Peggle 2 session]
  • What time you wanna join up? I'm free pretty much all night.
  • I can start as early as 7pm, but wouldn't expect to see you before 8 (?)
  • Sounds good.
  • in
  • I'm stalling around right now boys.
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