• Battlefront was just Battlefield: Star Wars. That's why it's similar.
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    Single player trailer is here. This is the first single player FPS I've looked forward to in a long while.

  • Official release date: October 21, 2016 (FRIDAY)
    Early enlister people get to start playing on the PS4 on October 18, 2016 (TUESDAY) (yesterday)

    At least one person here reported getting it in the mail already! Could you install it and play right now, with a physical disc? Mine is scheduled for delivery from Amazon on Friday [it's already on its way].

    It looks to me like we have until March to decide about buying the Premium Pass or not. It's $50 now. Is it really going to go UP in price from there [like with Fallout 4?]. Seems unlikely to me, but I guess we'll see. Or maybe some of you went big and bought the Ultimate Edition, that seems to include both early access and the Premium Pass.
  • Battlefield content always goes on sale. I'm honestly betting around Call of Duty's release next month, Battlefield might pull an FU sale.
  • BF 1 is as we all expected, amazing. I don't want to spoil any of the awesome intro/tutorial (which I usually only make it through about 1 - 2 minutes of max before I just x out). I can say that Team Deathmatch was great for the couple of maps that I played. Had to check out after that, one of those "oops 3:15 am. getting up is gonna suck today" moments. Y'all are in for a treat and I have only scratched the surface myself.
  • I preordered the standard game yesterday on the PS Store as I work today and tomorrow anyway. Can't wait for this weekend as it's my weekend off :) Friday can't come sooner! 4 day weekend for me :)
  • Are games going to be released on Friday from now on? Or was this title technically released on Tuesday, and then held back for people that didn't pay the Early Enlister fee?

    Shipment details:
    Latest update: Friday, Oct 21
    6:44 AM
    Out for delivery
    Alexandria, VA, US
  • No, Battlefield decided to be special...
  • Awesome game! Even the campaign is one of the best in a long time between COD and BF.
  • Battlefield 4 had an attrocious single player. It was beautiful, but so generic and boring...

    I might get the Modern Warfare remaster because that was an incredible campaign.

    Cannot wait to play Battlefield 1, once I've got time and capital.
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    Witticus said:

    Battlefield 4 had an attrocious single player. It was beautiful, but so generic and boring...

    I might get the Modern Warfare remaster because that was an incredible campaign.

    Cannot wait to play Battlefield 1, once I've got time and capital.

    I would get the remastered if they didn't make me support the Sci-Fi garbage that COD has become. I thought some parts of the BF1 SP were pretty bad though.. didn't mind it otherwise. Most shooter Single player experiences suck. Black Ops 3 was one of the worst.. talk about redundant with a horrible story. lol
  • I recommend you the classic Modern Warfare.
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    The single player parts are a totally different game experience and I think I like them better, for now.

    I'm with a British tank unit, and tasked with sneaking into a enemy-controlled town in Belgium to find supplies. I tried it as a stealth mission, and while hiding in a windmill I can hear soldiers nearby, speaking German. Suddenly it's like one is whispering directly into my ear, he must be right on the other side of the wall. I jump out and melee attack him, as quietly as possible. OOOOooh, a sharp shovel to the neck, that's just brutal.

    I'm speedy, and sneaky, and rushing with adrenaline. The enemy is ... "realistic". As a scout, I can mark each soldier I spy, even from far away (using binoculars). They are color coded to indicate if they are neutral, or scouting, or actively searching for any enemy. And, depending on the scenario, there might be many that are colored green (just hanging out, not expecting trouble). Of course. Everyone can't be in full search and destroy mode at all times, that's completely unrealistic. But that's how multiplayer mode works, right?

    If I'm quiet and careful, I can last for a very long time in this single-player mission in town. I can perform a silent kill, or sneak away without conflict if that makes it easier. Once I accidentally hit "fire" instead of "mark target", and hoo-boy, the alarm is raised! Shouting, and soldiers running, and a armored unit came out of nowhere and fired on my hiding place, crumbling the walls and threatening to reveal me.

    Thrilling. You can get away with either method, be stealthy or go in with guns blazing. But that's my choice. In the two player game? Everyone is jacked up and running around and shooting, constantly. It's not a war simulation. It's chaos. Frequent dying, frequent respawning, there are such minimal consequences to screwing up and getting caught. In single player too, you respawn at the last check-point, of course. You don't lose an hour or progress, not ever. But you also aren't moving on until you complete the mission.

    Are both modes fun? Yes! But I'm really enjoying having the option to just explore the world, and drink in the set design and sound design. And to have a story to follow. I'm barely in to it, really, but I've already played the role of a number of different men from different countries, and with different backgrounds and occupations. And they tell you right up front that of course you are going to die a lot. It's WWI.
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    This is how pros destroy bombers


  • I got pulled into Battlefield by a friend of mine. And I have to say it is ridiculously impressive how far games have come.

    I have a high'ish end PC and can play the game on ultra settings, and I don't think I have ever seen a more realistic looking simulation of war.

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    TEven though my internet is screwed up I picked it up anyway. Single player is a blast.
  • Would an Xbox One even let you play the single player part without first connecting to the internet?

    I've only played a little of the single player [I THINK it's only a small part] and I really like it. I have liked previous Battlefield single player material too, though I don't think I ever made it all the way through, for no good reason.

    There are so many games out there that I plan on tackling as soon as I have 6 uninterrupted hours planned out, and sometimes years can go by before I have such a moment set aside just for gaming, and that's So Wrong.
  • Did someone say....


  • Got Battlefield 1 for 30 bucks. Lawdog has been gone so long, the game depreciated.
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    I keep playing Star Wars Battlefront, I guess because if I'm going to play with strangers I'd rather play the game I know better? Seems kinda dumb, yeah, I know. What little I've played of Battlefield 1 makes it clear that it's a superior game, probably a vastly superior game.
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    Im ready to crew up... as soon as I get net. But Ive beat the singleplayer on hard.
  • Man, it appears that it's going to take me forever to get anything other than the super-cruddy starting weapons.
  • I'm considering to get the game this Christmas, but I wanted to ask to those with the game already:
    How is the medic in the full game? Do you see an big icon over dead teammates like in past games or nothing like in the beta? Do other players revive you or they just YOLO? That is my dilemma: to buy and medic, or not to medic and not to buy.
  • I've played less than 2 hours in multiplayer (I think?) but have definitely been revived by medics, when they are close by and there is no additional threat on top of us. I haven't played as medic yet but I'll try it tonight and report back how it works if no one else does it before me.
  • There is a giant icon over bodies along with a timer.
  • Got the game. I'm in Xbox one.
  • It's not me playing but I had to share it for how ridiculous their aim is.

  • Wildcat15 said:

    It's not me playing but I had to share it for how ridiculous their aim is.

    How did you get this footage of me playing!?
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